Monday, February 1, 2010


Who Said It?

"The grant of a 1974 Nobel Prize in Economic Science to the great Austrian free-market economist Dr. Friedrich A. von Hayek comes as a welcome and blockbuster surprise to his free-market admirers in this country and throughout the world. For since the death last year of Hayek's distinguished mentor, Ludwig von Mises, the 75-year-old Hayek ranks as the world's most eminent free-market economist and advocate of the free society."


You think we don't pay any attention to the Mises dailies? ;)
Didn't Rothbard also think that they waited to give it to Hayek after the death of Mises so they wouldn't have to give it to him?
Louis B. I posted this because some have suggested that Rothbard purged Hayek etc.

Cotterdan321 yes I have definitely heard people voice that theory (which sounds plausible to me), but I don't remember if Rothbard wrote it anywhere. He may have, I just don't remember.
I missed the Mises daily but the "free society" bit was a dead giveaway for Rothbard. No one else gave a crap about the "free society" besides Rothbard (which was a bad thing).
Any idea why Rothbard and later Austrians abandoned Hayek's Ricardo Effect? I really like the Ricardo Effect but fear I'm missing some major error with it.
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