Friday, February 19, 2010


Triple Play From Moderate Murphy

These media hits accumulated in my PRI inbox while I was at the Infinite Banking seminar. The op eds ran on different days, and hence do not constitute a true triple play--I know some of you are purists.

* In this Townhall article I talk about lessons from Hugo Chavez' price control experiment.

* In this Buffalo News piece I talk about the "surprise" job losses in December (I wrote this a while ago), and the possible connection to the health care bill. (I think a version of this op ed may have also been published someplace else, and I had to paste it in to a blog post because there was no online version.)

* Whoa! My first op ed in the Washington Times. (The topic is stagflation.) If I get any more mainstream they'll let me host the Grammys.

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