Monday, February 1, 2010



* A Fed official tells us (price) deflation is no longer a worry. Phew!

* Viresh Amin sends this video of three young guys harassing Bernanke as he checks into a hotel. The video reminded me of those 1960s alien invasion movies. I always thought it was funny watching them, because you understood why the people who had seen the aliens take over their neighbors etc. were going nuts, and running around warning others, but you also understood why--given their presentation style--they sounded crazy and nobody listened to their completely accurate warnings.

* Jeff Tucker damns my high school curriculum with faint praise (just kidding).

* At today I have an article on "The Fed as Giant Counterfeiter." I think many of you, like me, have known for years that the Fed was "like" a guy running the printing press to pay his bills, but until about a month ago it never really clicked with me just how close the analogy was. Even old pros may want to skim this article to make sure you already had considered the similarities.

Good Morning Mr. Murphy;
I am new to the blog and am wondering about your view toward longer term US Government Bond yields and the price of precious metals.
I am assuming you believe both are going higher?
Daniel, try this for a quick summary of my general views.
Thank you Mr. Murphy;
Would you also conclude that the asset price increases we have seen since March 2009 bottom are do to Q.E. and lower dollar policy! and, this will sooner or later come back to hurt us big time as no economy can have long term success from monetizing its debt.
Congrats on having your Fed article at crossposted on zerohedge. Should definitely increase the publicity.
what the hell are those goons doing? seriously, why do you link to this crap.

those guys are nutjobs and cranks.
Can we get some more info on your upcoming book? I'm definitely looking forward to it!
So Bob,

Is writing this book the first salvo in the Mises Institute's broader plan to take down public schooling in America?

Hopefully yes.
Liked the Mises article today Bob, and yes I did learn a few things!
I read the Mises article, and...THANKS for writing in a pedestrian way...I got it.
I had a simple thought the other night, don't know if it has merit: if they print money to buy toxic assets, the money becomes toxic.
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