Thursday, February 11, 2010


"Mozart Was a Red": A One Act Play by Murray Rothbard

This is awesome. I can't figure out how to embed the video but some Friends of the Mises Institute put on Rothbard's satire of Ayn Rand's inner circle a long time ago. Check out Jeff Tucker as Nathaniel Branden!!

It's about as convincing as Buckley's assertion that Objectivism was still-born.
To embed the video, go here and click on "Embed video".
Who is the guy that plays Hackley/Rothbard? That guy's voice characterization is hilarious. It's great, he sounds like all the Rothbard mp3's I've been listening to lately.
Jeff Tucker's voice=Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock.
Check out Murray Rothbard in the audience, at the end!

I had the opportunity to meet Rothbard in person three times, and that actor did a great job imitating Rothbard's voice.
This is just slander. Going all the way to write a play and arrange a performance only to throw dung at another person does not reflect well on Murray Rothbard.

I understand Ayn Rand was not always a very pleasant person to be around, but she didn't sink to the level displayed by Rothbard here.
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