Saturday, February 6, 2010


Glenn Greenwald Shocker: Government Officials Are Often Lying / Wrong

I realize Glenn Greenwald is turning into the Britney Spears of Free Advice, but how can I not repeat stuff like this:
If I had the power to have one statement of fact be universally recognized in our political discussions, it would be this one:

The fact that the Government labels Person X a "Terrorist" is not proof that Person X is, in fact, a Terrorist.

That proposition should be intrinsically understood by any American who completed sixth grade civics and was thus taught that a central prong of our political system is that government officials often abuse their power and/or err and therefore must prove accusations to be true (with tested evidence) before they're assumed to be true and the person punished accordingly. In particular, the fact that the U.S. Government, over and over, has falsely accused numerous people of being Terrorists -- only for it to turn out that they did nothing wrong -- by itself should compel a recognition of this truth. But it doesn't.

Let's look back fifty to sixty years, when the government accused so many of being communists.

Score one for Satayana.
Those who do not learn from history are condemned to misspelling names?
I always blame the media for everything. Aren't they all losing readers/viewers by the score? Why suppress the views of someone like Greenwald? Put him on with some crazy like Bolton or Gingrich. Have a cat fight. Readership and viewership would surely go up.

For whatever reason, no part of the official historical or current event narative can EVER be challenged, especially on TV news where most casual followers of news get their info.
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