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Glenn Beck Ambushes Debra Medina

This is very interesting. I was driving to work today and heard the opening of Glenn Beck's interview with Texas gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina. Right off the bat something seemed a little odd to me. I'm paraphrasing, but he introduced her along these lines:
GLENN BECK paraphrase: "Now just a few weeks ago this person had a scant 4% of the vote. Kay Bailey Hutchison now has y%, and folks you know I'm no friend of Kay Bailey Hutichson--she's a fine enough woman in her personal life I'm sure--but she's not what Texas needs to bring America back to the principles of the Founders. So now we have on the line Debra Medina. Debra, thanks for being with us. I wanted you to have the opportunity to introduce yourself to America, since many of us don't know who the heck you are."
To repeat, those weren't the exact words, but I think I captured the spirit of how he introduced her. In particular, I am almost positive that he mentioned her single digit polling from the past, and did not mention what her polling is right now (24% the last I checked, compared to 39% for the front runner). And I know he said she had to be on his show because a lot of people didn't know the first thing about her.

So he asks her right out of the chute, "Who are you?" Medina gives her stock answer, ripping Perry and Hutchison etc. etc. Then Beck says, "OK, but the question I asked was, who are you?"

So right out of the gate, Beck is getting all hardcore interrogator on Medina. That would be fine, except that Beck wouldn't have done anything like that with Sarah Palin or somebody else that he liked.

At this point I turned off the radio, because I don't like conflict and it was making me uncomfortable. Even by Beck's second question, it was clear to me it was going to be a hostile interview, and Beck was subtly letting his listeners know that this woman was not the Real Deal.

Apparently things just went downhill from there. Beck ambushed Medina with 9/11 Truth questioning. Here's Lew Rockwell's take: "Rick “Gardasil” Perry is scared. Ninety minutes after Glenn Beck lied Debra Medina onto his show, through a neocon producer, Perry robocalls went out using the Beck clip. Surely the whole business was coordinated by the Rovians running the Perry campaign."

To be clear, I don't know the first thing about Medina, except that Tom Woods wrote a characteristically pugnacious plug for her. I'm not saying she's awesome or even that I hope she wins. All I'm saying is that when you wonder, "Gee, how come all the politicians--from both parties--seem to be the same?" this is part of the answer.

The thing that disappoints me even more than Glenn Beck (almost certainly) going along with a hit job is that his sidekicks play such a "aww shucks, I'm just here readin' my Constitution tryin' to figure all this stuff out" act, when they have to know full well how this all works.

P.S. If anyone from the Glenn Beck show is reading and wants to have me on the show to talk about my books, my email is open. You can even ask me about the time I got cut from the freshman basketball team, I don't care. Call me!

If you kept listening you might have learned something about her. I also know nothing about her besides that her name is being promoted a lot in the tea pary blog orbit. I get the feeling she is just another out-of-the-woodwork pols attaching themselves to the tea party brand. Could be wrong. Sounded interesting, too bad you didn't stay tuned.
From what I've seen so far, she's seems like a Ron Paul Republican. She was involved in his campaign. Her big push is to get rid of the property and income tax.

Sorry to plug my blog, but here is a good video of her.
Is she guilty for being associated with Glenn Beck? I see you are willing to be tainted by him.
I went to meet-the-candidate event for Medina in Waco. She's definitely the most libertarian candidate I've ever seen for the Republican nomination.

In connection with her Glenn Beck appearances, I got an email from a group supporting her that said "Glenn Beck shows his true colors" and then has a link to Medina's site's explanation of her reaction to the 9/11 conspiracy questions they asked her.

What's odd is that, based on what Beck says all the time, Medina seems the closest to him ideologically, so I don't even understand the reason for this harsh treatment, unless it was given to all candidates.

It's awesome that she shot up in the polls like that though, and got to be included in the second debate.
Hey "Anonymous," are you completely out to lunch? How in the world did you draw that conclusion based on this post? Hypersensitive, are we?
Medina had my vote when I saw her quote Bastiat on her issues page.
The Blackadder Says:

I agree that the interview was a bit hostile from the beginning. On the other hand, Beck didn't respond to any of her answers by saying "bullcrap" which is what he did do when he interviewed Sarah Palin. I do love the irony that people have responded to the interview by alleging a conspiracy.

Eh, OK I will give you the "bullcrap" line. Though Beck didn't talk about writing in his journal about interviewing Medina.
Medina was at the May Mises Circle in Ft. Worth.

It wasn't Beck's interview, it was his commentary after she got off the line, imo, which were instructive.

I'm a bit unnerved by the reaction -- apparently having Perry eminent domain your land and mandate vaccine testing on your daughters is preferable to having someone who isn't fast enough in condemning truthers be your governor.
I'm hoping, at least as far as Debra is concerned, that this episode with Beck is overblown. I really think (hope?) that people are moving past litmus tests and single issue politics, and will embrace her core message and beliefs. I guess the next few weeks will tell as Perry's weaselly robo-calls get heard and the polls shift (or don't).

As far as Beck goes, I still don't know what to think of him. I've been suspicious, and I continue to be suspicious.

Anyway, I have to jump over to Debra's site and send her a hundred bucks to help her get through this.
I don't think Beck ever had any principles. Having seen his show morph from one principal to the nexxt just makes me think Beck is a piece of trash. His current schtick is just another ploy to make himself more money. When the current goes in a different direction, you'll see him do the same.
I used to think Beck was moving in the "right direction", then one day he came onto the program and advocated Keynesianism..... Which goes against his whole argument 99% of the time.

I watched him for about 6 months (early june-late november) on FOX before (bought Common Sense as well) before I came to the realization that he has absolutely clue what he's doing.

It's sad really (and I kind of want all those hours I wasted back!)
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