Thursday, February 11, 2010


GDP Bask

I am trying to pin down the nominal GDP (or GNP) in the US for the years 1919 - 1921. Wikipedia has a graph of US GDP from 1920-1940, but I can't get the actual data points. Any help would be much appreciated, or, if you dislike the passive voice, I would much appreciate any help.

From the measuringworth source note on the results page (

III. Annual observations 1909 to Present

1909 to 1928: Kendrick (1961), Table A-III

1929 to present: Bureau of Economic Analysis at
You the man (or woman). The noose around Sumner tightens...
Glad it helped! I found this site while researching the oft-heard claims that the dollar has lost X% of its value since the Fed came into existence... unsurprisingly, it's true (95%+ as of 2008).
Anyway, the website bona fides check out too:

MeasuringWorth is a site “to make available to the public the highest quality and most reliable historical data on important economic aggregates, with particular emphasis on nominal measures,” created by Professor Lawrence H. Officer from the University of Illinois at Chicago, with faculty from Stanford, Harvard, etc. on the Board of Advisors.
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