Saturday, February 6, 2010


Bill O'Reilly Interviews Jon Stewart

This is one of the most entertaining interviews I've ever seen. If you like Jon Stewart and dislike Fox News, you will adore this and make sure you have a half hour to sit and watch it straight through.

These guys are great together. It's true that I think Stewart has the upper hand, but I must admit O'Reilly does a good job too keeping his shtick going. (HT2LRC)

BTW if you're pressed for time, Stewart brings up Ron Paul deep into the interview,* and I barely understand what O'Reilly's countermove is, but it's funny that O'Reilly just keeps moving along on that point. He dwells on a lot of other stuff but ZOOM right past the Ron Paul point that Stewart raises.

* At LRC they say it occurs at 34 minutes, but I can't verify that because you have to wait for the thing to load (I believe) and it's taking too long.

Ron Paul comes up at about 35 minutes. It's at 34 minutes that Stewart addresses the Tea Party movement.

P.S. A recent email from the Michigan Education Association criticized the Tea Party movement and referred to its members as "Tea Baggers."

Iris Salters, the MEA president, actually wrote an apology for using a term that had an unintentional sexual connotation.

I'm still waiting for her to apologize for ripping on those who might have the audacity to demand that the government restrain its spending and scope.

Then again, she'd probably just call me a tea bagger...
I only see Stewart when he has something useful to say, which means I see him a couple times a month. So far the only time I've seen O'Reilly is when he is interviewing Stewart, which means... Stewart is at least SOMETIMES useful?

O'Reilly says something like "Everyone thought Iraq was a good idea, so we can't be blamed for not getting it right." And then latter on he blows off Ron Paul who got Iraq right, and got a whole lot of stuff right O'Reilly didn't. So, the lesson here for O'Reilly is... the Ron Paul is a nut? Interesting "logic" here.
I enjoyed this interview. They both held their ground well. As much as I enjoy it when Stewart takes a jabs at Fox News, it's even more satisfying to see him hold his own with a tough opponent.
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