Saturday, February 6, 2010


Bask: Goldman Sachs in the Great Depression

OK kids, I am flying to San Jose tomorrow to be interviewed for a documentary on the Fed, bailouts, etc. I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say about it, but let's just say they are also interviewing people with the following initials: RP (MD), PK (PhD), and BD (PhD).

The director wanted to know if I could talk about the allegedly nefarious role of Goldman Sachs during the Depression years, presumably advising Hoover and FDR and steering privileges their way. Can anyone point me to credible (online) sources on this topic? At this point I haven't found anything reputable enough for me to repeat.

Ron Paul, Peter Klein, Brad DeLong?
Good luck. I recall that J. K. Galbraith had a chapter on it, but I don't believe it was exactly the angle you're looking for.
Daniel, you've got two out of three.
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How about Sidney Weinberg and the Business Advisory and Planning Council?

”Two Great Men of Goldman Sachs”, Harvard Business School Alumni Bulletin
Krugman? Please, say it's Krugman!

Haven't really looked into this but I found a lot of different sites covering this article.
Cody, I meant Krugman, but in retrospect I may have gotten mixed up. I.e. I'm not promising he is going to be in the documentary, but the other two are supposed to be for sure.
So it's Ron Paul, Paul Krugman, and Brad DeLong?
I know it's a little late, but 'The Myth of the New Deal' by Ronald Radosh in (New History of Leviathan) co-written with Rothbard!
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