Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Telly Savalas Listening to Doug French?

Oh no. I am putting in a Doug French lecture on money for the junior high curriculum, and there seems to be an oblong spheroid hovering in the lower right corner of the screen throughout his entire lecture...

Man, I was near blinded by the light reflecting off of that thing!
There is much more light at the LvMI for you Gene, if you would only open your eyes.
If it's full of those giant, minimally furred eggs, I'm staying away.
there's a lot of heat, light...i don't know.
i don't think doug french is qualified to do much more than lecture high school students.

..say, why the hell did he write the intro to Mises TMC?
I didn't know bowling ball polishers were that common anymore.

Can someone point me to an article or something that details what happened between Gene "Dirty Harry" Callahan and the LvMI?
Gene's respectable libertarianism isnt compatible with the KKKrankey crap they're pushing over there.
I know, the Mises Institute is so crankish! I mean, putting Menger, Bohm-Bawerk, Mises, Hayek, The Freeman (yes, FEE's publication), the JLS, the QJAE, and thousands of Austrian books online for free, as well as Institute-sponsored lecture series by Paul Cantor, Robert Higgs, Ralph Raico, etc. Cranks!
you missed out the part where you invite neo nazis to your conferences and worship rothbard.

but it's aight, if i was associated with the lvmi i'd lie too.
Does anyone see any irony in Anonymous's comment?

I've listened to an awful lot of the material on the LvMI site and yet to hear anything even remotely neo-Nazi. It must be one of those "code word" things that only Morris Dees can figure out.
does anybody see that Jim doesn't know what irony is?
oh come on Bob. Why'd you delete my comment? I was merely trying to show the missed irony by Jim

Neo-Nazi= not big fans of Jews


LvMI= presumably where Nazis go to worship Jews...I guess

I guess I didn't need to add the "dirty" part. My bad :(
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