Wednesday, January 27, 2010



* Stimulus Tracker: CNNMoney clocks it at $4.7 trillion in total stimulus so far. It's a neat little graphic breaking it all down. (Hint: Most of it is via the Fed.)

* What really made me skeptical about the White House's "support" for Bernanke and Geithner, was this anonymous email that uses the word "honestly" twice. Sort of like when Obama says, "Let me be clear," which I am pretty sure means, "The following is false..."

* Jeff Kvistad sends this WSJ op ed that epitomizes our Keynesian, inflationist age. Note the part at the end where now "central bank independence" means "willingness to print money like crazy." (Recall that it used to mean the opposite.)

* Rich Wilcke sends along this very entertaining journal article [.pdf] on Ag Econ (really!).

Wow, I'm impressed by CNN money -- not only did they include stealth stimulus, but they also link comments to your real identity via Facebook; brilliant!

How do you read their graph though? Since the appearance of spheres is given, I would think that the implication is that the volume of the spheres represents the money amounts. However, after measuring the dimensions and values, I figure that they're closer to using linear diameter to represent the money amounts. But, the size of the total stimulus bubble is too small for that. The thing that tipped me of is that neither the volume nor area of the component circles of the stimuli add up to the size of the stimuli themselves.

I think they are assuming the axiom of choice is true.
Aha, that explains a lot.

Also, you (or someone else) should write a guide to translating Obama's speeches ("let me be clear" -> "the following is false", etc). That would be fantastic.
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