Saturday, January 2, 2010



* Carlos Lara passes along this WSJ article explaining that "Gold Is the New Tupperware."

* I heard a very moving story on NPR about WW2 conscientious objectors who ended up working in state mental institutions. The conditions were so awful that a few of them decided they had to do something, so they smuggled out photos etc. in order to alert the public. Really, you're probably thinking, "Oh I bet the conditions were bad," but you probably have no idea. At this link they have a slideshow of photos, and here is the link for the story itself (audio and transcript). Are we really sure we want the government to take care of our health care?

* EPJ linked to this incredible proposal by economist Robert Shiller (of Case-Shiller housing price index fame). I will probably write a Mises Daily for this, so I'll save my ire, but wow is this thing bad on so many levels.

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