Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The People Have Spoken

OK that was a short-lived experiment... I am dropping the comment moderation feature except for posts that are more than 14 days old. What you people weren't realizing is that my older posts are getting spammed too, so that if someone stumbled upon a "classic" Free Advice post in which I predicted the Dow Jones 3 years in advance, it would be inundated with ugg boots ads.

So this new compromise should work. I can prevent older posts from being filled with spam, but you guys can explain to each other how stupid you are in the comments in real time. As I drop in on new posts, I'll try to zap the spam.

I think I should be congratulated for my willingness to admit my mistake and change policies so quickly. Can you imagine if Michael Chertoff were running this blog?

If he were running this blog, he would want to sell you billions worth of useless anti-spam progs so your blog could be safe and free of spam.
If I were you I'd migrate to a different platform with a better CAPTCHA system. The one used by Blogger.com was compromised a long time ago. However, this has probably been suggested before. And I'm not really bothered by the spam on this blog.
Might I suggest IP banning the bots?

If it's one or 2 bots then it's effective, but if every ugg boot spam is from a different IP then it won't work... I'm not sure who you use for hosting but most hosts have a feature in your cpanel somewhere when you input IP addresses and prevent them from accessing your site.
A better idea is to disable commenting entirely for older posts (e.g. more than 15 days).
Can you imagine if Michael Chertoff were running this blog?

Hm ... he probably wouldn't deny the existence of scarcity in atmospheric resources... ;-)
Skeletor can't run a blog

...and I don't think Robert is up for being He-Man either

Set up a WordPress blog, I never have a spam problem I have to look at using its various automatic checks and filters.
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