Monday, January 25, 2010


Jon Stewart Realizes If He Doesn't Call Out Keith Olbermann, No One Will

I really wonder if Jon Stewart thinks, "This is ridiculous. Why do I have to be the referee in our political discourse?"

But he does. For maximum effect, first watch Keith Olbmerann's "Special Comment" on Scott Brown the night of the election (I think). Then watch Stewart's response. (HT2LRC)

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Bob: yes, Stewart thinks that.

We know this from a couple years ago, when Tucker Carlson ripped Stewart on The Daily Show for lobbing softballs at a Dem. (I think it was Kerry.) Stewart's response was something to the effect of, "... if I'm the hard journalist here, we're all in trouble. My lead-in is a show of muppets making crank calls."
I;m using firefox and the daily show video will NEVR play
that may have been the best writing ive seen on the daily show. Hilarious!
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