Monday, January 18, 2010


Jon Stewart Has Palin's Back

This started out slow but had me laughing out loud by the end, so I thought I'd share.

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Not to go for an "I told ya so" moment here, and honestly I forget where you ultimately stood in the "GB is the root of all evil v. GB is a libertarian titan" debate as it was so long ago and you seemed to give him the benefit of the doubt for awhile (though I think you finally conceded he might be dangerous) but... are we all in agreement now that GB is a total, freakin' loon?

I mean, even if the guy did this to satisfy his producers, his willingness and ability to play the role of a convincing sell-out clown has got to make GB-fans a bit wary about his willingness to sell out on freedom, right?

Hey, and it's my old buddy Taylor, who wants me beaten for his amusement! Well, Taylor, anything to make you laugh.
Glenn Beck is a demagogue.
Jon Stewart's commentary is as good as anything on TV... or would be if I watched anything else on TV.
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