Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Jon Stewart Busts Paulson and Geithner on the Bailouts

This is really top-notch commentary. In contrast, somebody like George Carlin was hilarious, but his condemnations of capitalism were often absurd. But Stewart is speaking common sense here:

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Good stuff Bob. I love the "I'm not an economists, but these are some fragile ****ing businesses."

I don't keep up with Stewart, so thanks for putting up the ones worth watching.
As an avid Carlin fan, I can't say I've ever heard him say anything explicitly anti-capitalist. He was anti-Big Business, for sure, but that doesn't imply that he hated capitalism. Besides, for every time he bashed Big Business, he also bashed politicians. His bit on how he hates voting is hilarious.
Anon, fair enough. I was more of a "conservative" than a libertarian when I grew up watching Carlin, so maybe I conflated hostility to business with hostility to capitalism. I will reserve judgment before repeating this claim, though I do distinctly remember him criticizing golfers as buffoons when all that land could be used to build houses for homeless people.
I loved Carlin! I don't really think he hated Capitalism, per se, but he definitely was on to something. He must of known about the FED because some of his quotes were, "the game is rigged", and "it's a big club and you ain't in it". Seems as if he was trying to convey his " CAUTION !!" message to his audience.
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Bob, I don't think the golf bit is incompatible with libertarianism. I dont think he said the land should be taken away from the owners, he just expressed (hilarious) dissatisfaction with how the owners of the land choose to use it (by turning it into golf courses). I happen to agree with him. I think golf courses are a huge waste of space, but of course I respect the owners' right to do whatever they wish with it.
Anonymous writes: «His bit on how he hates voting is hilarious.»

Was this clip the one you had in mind?

That is hilarious -- thx for the tip!
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