Friday, January 15, 2010


George Carlin: The Game Is Rigged

Wow. I made an offhand remark in this post saying that I thought Carlin was hilarious, but that his condemnations of capitalism could sometimes be absurd. Well some people called me out in the comments, and in retrospect I was not nearly as cynical back then as I am in more recent years. So it's possible that the things which struck me as ridiculous back in high school, would meet with my approval today.

The below clip shows how radical Carlin could be. Be careful there are a few F-bombs in here, but his diagnosis of American society is pretty accurate I have to say.


He's implicitly calling the crowd idiot sheep. And they cheer him. How American!
Carlins adamant on coersion of business and government. I agree to an extent. However, isn't there a real regulation battle in congress, the courts and public opinion for control over business? Doesn't that indicate something other than complete aliance? All in all, it seems big business is the philistine warrior Goliath and government is just a narcissistic Hebrew soldier (not King David). There will be hell to pay if either of them wins.
If only we could've gotten him fired up about the Federal Reserve! Can you imagine him opening for Murray Rothbard at a Mises Circle?!? {I know, I'm getting carried away]
Newsbreak: Carlin's dead. Unfortunately.
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