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Free Advice for My Fellow Bloggers

Bryan Caplan is getting a lot of links and commentary for his suggestions of books his colleagues should write. After the burning jealousy of all this attention subsided, I realized that I too should offer such a list. So here are books or long essays that I think various people should write in the new year:

* Stephan Kinsella: Name-Calling Never Works: Tales From the Courtroom and the Blogosphere.

* Steve Landsburg: "More War Is Safer War: An Optimal Pigovian Tax on Diplomacy."

* Robert Wenzel: To All the Financial Analysts I've Loved Before. (We also would have accepted Living With Paranoid Schizophrenia.)

* Gene Callahan: "In Defense of Benedict Arnold."

* Jeff Tucker: "How I Started With Nothing But Racists and Cranks and Managed to Create the Best-Read Economics Blog in the World."

* Silas Barta: How to Make Friends and Influence Bloggers.

* Tyler Cowen: "Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Me to Revise My Prior Probability of Central Bankers Being Evil."

* Arnold Kling: "Why Obama's Economic Team Should Stop Being So Niggardly With Tax Cuts." (Yikes! Calm down people, does this make it okay?)

ROFL @ Arnold Kling's. But he would probably say something worse like, "When it comes to tax cuts, Obama is a niggard. (What? What did I say?)"

And is my book suggestion something I could write, or something I should read?
I...I think Bob MAY have been being facetious.
Alex: I think Silas may have understood that, and was accepting my tribute to the commenter that all bloggers fear.
You forgot one more:

Lew Rockwell's "How Can I Whore Myself for Ron Paul's Every Move and Why You Should Worship the Ground the Man Walks On"

Seriously, I like Lew, but for a while there, every one of his posts on the LRC blog was something like "End the Fed! We want to see Bernanke shaking in his hand-made shoes!" with an Amazon link (or twenty) sprinkled throughout.

(In fact that may be a direct quote)

Except I wanted the titles to be funny.
Sorry, I guess that title is more honest than funny.

But seriously.."shaking in his handmade shoes?"
Racists and cranks at the Mises Institute? C'mon Bob, don't be a wad. At least name names if you're gonna pull shit like that.
Beefcake: "Is this thing on?" (Me tapping the mic at the comedy club when the audience doesn't get my jokes.)

If you want to say it's not funny or in poor taste or just gives ammunition to Tom Palmer, fair enough. But gee whiz do you really think I'm knocking the place that I contribute about 3 articles a month to?
One for Hans Hoppe "Mein Kampf"
It's not a book, but I think Stephan Kinsella should write a daily column called "what Hans Hoppe 2 days ago"

Gene should write a follow up to "The Irrepresible Rothbard" called "The Irrelevant Rothbard".

Walter Block should coin a new term "Walter's Block" -- for when you can't think of anything to write, but you put a load of nonsense down anyway.

Tyler Cowen "How We Started With Nothing but Alex and Tyler and Managed to Create the Best Economics Blog in the World"

Hulsmann should write -- nothing else, ever again.
"But gee whiz do you really think I'm knocking the place that I contribute about 3 articles a month to?"

Ah, so, its you admitting that you're a racist and a crank!
Here's one for Boettke: "The Heck with Teamwork--I Don't WANNA Take the Baton!" subtitled: "I'm Changing the Team Uniform and Going Back to the Starting Blocks"

Personally, I'm working on one called: "Why Anarchists Should be Teaching Fourth Grade Instead of College". Any collaborators--Taylor?
Bob, you really are hopeless.
oh, I don't know if name-calling never worked, Bob. I remember vividly that time on Crossfire when David Duke just called Michael Kinsley a "worm" and he was stunned into silence.
Walter Block "A Collection of letters from women and black people that like me...can you stop calling me racist/sexist now??"

David Kramer "The Idiot's Guide to Dumb Misspellings and why the GUNvernment and DemocRats don't want you to know"

Peter Schiff "A Collection of URL links to YouTube Videos: I Told You So"

Thomas DiLorenzo "In Honor of Doris Kearnes Goodwin" (One page long with a loogie in it.
OK kids, let's pull away from the potty talk please. Deleting your comments hurts me more than you. (And not deleting your comments hurts me more than you...)
To the Anon. above.

Hoppe is actually releasing his autobiography under the title "Mein Kampf".

Highlights include:

a) When argumentation ethicists get naughty. Bedroom talk between Kinsella and Hoppe.

I've read a bit of this, it's pretty awesome stuff. But this is a family blog, so I won't repeat some of it.

I'll just say that it starts of with Kinsella saying "I'll perform your contradiction".

b) In the chapter "The Calculation Problem" Hoppe reveals that he and Guido have never taken a math class, see here ( for an embarrasing moment for Hülsmann.

c) Hoppe's description of the toes of a certain prince is quite fascinating. The immense detail to be found is astounding. He goes into the type of pedicure received by the prince, likely shoes he wears, the smell and even hints about taste.

d) In the appendix there are entries to Hoppe's festschrift by George Wallace and Samuel Francis. The latter has an interesting anecdote about Hoppe's reaction to the film American History X. I'll leave that to your imagination.

e) Hoppe makes a revolutionary advance in intellectual history with his claim that the Austrian school could never have been started by Karl Menger, since he was a mathmatician. In fact, Rothbard altered the name of Karl Menger to Carl Menger and attributed to him. Rothbard really began the Austrian school -- he was just too modest.

f) Hoppe has an interesting anecdote of the time he and Rothbard were going to read Hayek's work to write a review. The got three pages in and used to pages to roll Js, Rothbard continued to write the review whilst high -- that became his intellectual history work. Haven't you wondered why that book is hella trippy?

g) Hoppe describes the immense influence the works of Adolf Hitler on him.

I believe he used the words "a truly great man" and "inspirational".

He particularly enjoyed Hitler's a priori reasoning that jews are inferior. Hoppe extendeded Hitler's model to account for gays and other "deviants".

I'll quote "Herr Hitler's method of stating things over and over IN CAPS stuck with me my whole life, I've tried to emulate him in my work, I think I've proved a lot in this way."

h) Hoppe describes his anger when Walter Williams didn't like the 50 Cent CD he gave him for his birthday. Nor did Thomas Sowell like the "Snoop Dogg" CD.

i) Hoppe provides more information about the workings of anarcho capitalist land, he says "I imagine private defence associations working a lot like the KKK, I hope they will"

More to come later!
I love the Peter Schiff one, he does mention to go look up on youtube "this" or "that".

It is the best way to educate people, just funny to hear him say it over and over again.

Fourth grade may be too late. Kindergartners are natural anarchists -- if they haven't been to preschool. You do have a fantastic point, though ...
To the anon who originally wrote "Mein Kampf" for Triple H: LAWLERSKATES. I have been giggling all day. Thank you.
Beefcake: It's difficult for me to decide what to zap on this thread, since I arguably started the ball rolling. But your comments are so far over the line that they don't give me a moment's hesitation.

You can rip me all you want, that's not why I'm deleting them. It's swearing at other people and speculating on their private activities in graphic form.

I would have sent you a private email but alas, all we know of you is your chosen alias (and demonstrated wit).
I keep hearing claims or insinuations that Hans Hoppe is racist. Can any one point me to some evidence for this claim?

Please folks, if you are going to answer Billy's question, provide actual links to things. I can't let you say, "One time Hoppe was having a cigarette and I heard him say..."
So Bob, you don't consider what Anonymous is saying to be over the line? You're keeping that crap but deleting fairly tame responses? Do you now know why I refer to you as a weenie? I'm sure everyone else does by now.
You really want to know, Beefcake? I'm mean this in all sincerity: I am keeping that stuff in to counteract the stuff you said about Boettke on MR.

You fell into their trap. Do you think Tyler would normally allow someone to talk about Boettke's body on his blog?

No, they let you say that to prove their point. And then Tom Palmer chimed in, "I told you so."

So I'm leaving in the unfunny Hoppe rips above, to show there isn't a monopoly on dumb ad homs.
You know Bob, I'm normally a big fan of conspiricy theories, but that's too much even for me.
Here's an article where the author claims Hoppe is a homophobe, a conservative and who knows what else. Sadly, this pseudo-intellectual is employed by a "free-market" thinktank here in Australia.
Hoppe is a racist and a homophobe, as can be seen with gems like this:

"They-the advocates of alternative, non-family-centered lifestyles such as, for instance, individual hedonism, parasitism, nature-environment worship, homosexuality, or communism-will have to be physically removed from society, too, if one is to maintain a libertarian order"

Seriously, calling Hoppe out for a being a bigot is not even comparable to making insults about the physical appearance of certain economists.

Why any libertarian or liberal in their right mind would want to be associated with would-be-tyrants such as Hoppe is beyond me.
And so much for name calling being above Kinsella:

"Ghertner, it's obvious you have a plurality of problems--mental, ethical, psychological, familial. You are just one messed up sad sack star trek geek aren't you? With some kind of chip on your shoulder for authority and your betters. Hoppe does not say he "hates" those people. Homosexuality is not on the list anyway, but "advocates of". "
Anonymous at 9:15,

Is this all the evidence you could find? I thought that there would be something more as that quote doesn't imply racism.

As for homophobia, it probably qualifies, although I would have to see the context (is he talking about his ideal libertarian community, or is he saying that for any libertarian community to exist homosexuals must be expelled? If the second is correct, I certainly cannot see the logic of such a claim).

Well, ok, if you don't think that proves racist read this ( to see a nice list of people Hoppe invites to his own conference.

Some highlights:

"Hoppe has invited Volkmar Weiss to speak on “History as Cycles of Population Quality.” Population quality? Weiss is part of the movement that is determined to prove the racial inferiority of certain races. On his web site he lists his areas of speciality as genetics, history of Saxony, anti-Semitism, national socialism, and twin research. He also says he’s been a member of the editorial board of Mankind Quarterly since 1980. So for a quarter of a century he’s been involved with this one publication with this interesting name.

The man who founded and controls this journal is Roger Pearson. Born in 1927 Pearson became politically active with white racialist and neo-nazi groups almost fifty years ago. In 1958 he founded the Northern League “to foster the interests, friendship and solidarity of all Teutonic nations”. He brought in ex-Nazis and people like Ernest Sevier Cox, formerly of the Ku Klux Klan and author of White America. According to one source a past associate editor of the publication was Corrado Gini, a former advisor to Mussolini and the author of an article “The Scientific Basis of Fascism”. Otmar von Verschuer was an editorial board member of Mankind Quarterly. He was also a mentor to Josef Mengele and more importantly he worked with Mengele at Auschwitz itself. "

"Pearson said: “If a nation with a more advanced, more specialized, or in any way superior set of genes mingles with, instead of exterminating, an inferior tribe, then it commits racial suicide, and destroys the work of thousands of years of biological isolation and natural selection." His close ties to various speakers at the Hoppe conference ought to be worrisome. Read carefully Peason’s statement. If any of what he calls the superior nations mingle “in any way” with the inferior tribes, instead of exterminating them, he has committed racial suicide. Since Pearson is convinced the Teutonic races are superior is saying that whites have the obligation to exterminate inferior races. "

"The Hoppe conference is also featuring as a speaker Richard Lynn. Lynn, like Weiss, is affiliated with the Mankind Quarterly of Roger Pearson. Lynn is the author of Race Differences in Intelligence. He is also strongly affiliated with Draper’s Pioneer Fund. He authored a supportive biography of Draper and about the Fund. He has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants from the Pioneer Fund and now sits on their board of directors.

One of Lynn’s more well-known statements is: “ What is called for here is not genocide, the killing off of the populations of incompetent cultures. But we do need to think realistically in terms of "phasing out" of such peoples. If the world is to evolve more better humans, then obviously someone has to make way for them. ... To think otherwise is mere sentimentality.” Compared to Pearson he is a moderate. He isn’t calling to exterminate races, he says. Instead he wants to find a way of phasing them out or letting them die off. "

Although, you're better off reading the whole thing. I think those quotes give anybody a good idea of what Hoppe is really about.

What, you couldn't find anything from the SPLC or ADL?

What a tool.
Well some of us were treated to a nice email last night, urging us to go forth and multiply. (Wait for it.)

I am going to make one final comment here, in an effort to maintain some perspective. Believe it or not, I actually thought that if I made a "no one's sacred" joke post, we might all have a good laugh and move on. Well, live and learn, I'm still a punk kid and don't know how the world (or at least the free marketeer world) works.

You guys have definitely convinced me: Assuming those quotes are real (I'm not doing research to verify), Roger Pearson is a racist. No doubt about it.

I find two things troubling in all this:

(1) Why do all the LvMI haters use anonymous names? It doesn't make sense if you say, "Because I'm afraid of your smear machine." According to your own insults, the LvMI crowd has no real influence with civilized society, and it's not as if they (we?) can physically hurt you. Would you be afraid to post an internet comment with your real name, criticizing David Duke, for fear that the KKK smear machine would kick in and tell all its members you were a fool? I certainly hope it's not that you benefit professionally somehow with association with the LvMI--or at least from staying on its good side--but then under anonymous names rip anyone who associates with it.

(2) I am not downplaying the evidence presented, but just as someone who thinks a lot about race makes me uncomfortable, by the same token I am not a big fan of justifying calling someone Hitler by quoting liberally from the writings of a guy who was once invited to a conference that Hoppe had. Racism isn't part of my ideal free society, but neither is blacklisting by association.
Anonymous at 9:37,

Any quotes from Hoppe himself?

The linked article seems to spend a lot of time talking about real racists and then plays "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" to link them to Hoppe and even Lew Rockwell. I think that the article is quite shameful (and shameless).

By that writer's standards it seems that Robert Higgs, Ralph Raico, Frank Van Dun, Yuri Maltzev, etc. can all be called racists (possibly Kevin Bacon, too).

It does seem unwise to associate with questionable people, but on the other hand, just because I am against affirmative action (for example) just like Pearson is doesn't mean that I agree with his other views.

Also, where does that first quote you gave come from? I'd like to see the context I asked about at 9:27. (And I'm not sure why you think it implies racism).

Billy, the first quote I provided comes from Hoppe's own book, Democracy the god that failed. If you want to see more I suggest that you look here( for a great example of Hoppe's tribalism and racism.

Highlights include:

"Human cooperation — division of labor — based on integrated family-households and on separated households, villages, tribes, nations, races, etc., wherein man's natural biological attractions and repulsions for and against one another are transformed into a mutually recognized system of spatial (geographical) allocation (of physical approximation and integration or of separation and segregation, and of direct or of indirect contact, exchange and trade)"

"Moreover, while interracial, tribal, and ethnic marriages were formerly rare and restricted to the upper strata of the merchant class, with the arrival of bureaucrats from various racial, tribal, and ethnic backgrounds in the capital city, the frequency of interethnic marriage will increase, and the focus of interethnic sex — even without marriage — will increasingly shift from the upper class of merchants to the lower classes — even to the lowest class of welfare recipients. Government welfare support will naturally lead to an increase in the birthrate of welfare recipients relative to the birthrate of other members, in particular of members of the upper class of their tribe or race."

Billy, you wrote:

"It does seem unwise to associate with questionable people, but on the other hand, just because I am against affirmative action (for example) just like Pearson is doesn't mean that I agree with his other views."

That's not the point. The point is that Hoppe starts his own conference to push his own research and agenda and he invites not one, not two, but three racists, two of whom have called for the elimination of the "inferior races" others which push the anti jewish conspiracy crap.

If Hoppe's inviting these people to his conference he presumably values some of their contributions and wishes them to, in some way, set part of the tone of discussion.

So when Kinsella writes that Hoppe doesn't associated with such people and that he (Kinsella) finds such people disgusting, it's just a blatant lie.

Hoppe really is a racist. And if this isn't enough I'm sure there are various anecdotes by people who have come across Hoppe at conference and the like.

1) Because we don't like being attacked by the likes of De Coster the shrill and Rockwell the cranky.

I don't feel like having shit made up about me by Kinsella or having the rest of the assholes over at the LvMI blog speaking crap about me.

Look at how your buddy Gene had been treated when he started questioning the orthodoxy.

2) This isn't blacklisting by association. This isn't as if Hoppe accidentily found himself sitting between these guys are a conference.

He made a conference in an attempt to fuse conservatism and libertarianism because he thought the MPS sold out of whatever and he invited three neo-Nazis. (Sobran may have been there, so there's one more for the anti-semitism crowd.)

Given his other writings are you really telling me that anti semitism, tribalism, homophobia and all other sorts of nasty beliefs aren't part of the agenda he's pushing with this society?
Bob, why would someone thinking about race make you uncomfortable? Do you think it's inappropriate to think about race? Do you think it's immoral? Is it not a valid topic? I'm also curious: do black people make you uncomfortable? Because, unless you're completely, willfully blind, it's pretty obvious that they think about race quite a bit, and talk about it even more.

I'd be very curious to hear your reasons.

And I also need to point out that your stated reason for letting left-wing cretins run rampant here (because of some cracks I might have made about Boetkke's weight) is worse than lame.
Anonymous at 10:51,

Thanks for the link and quotes, I'll check them out in more depth later. Those quotes are certainly suggest of some sort of racialism (although not necessarily racial elitism) and leave a very bad taste.

I also take your point about the invitating such people to conference. Their valid points (if they have any) could certainly have been presented by others who don't also subscribe to racist views.

It certainly doesn't look good for Hoppe at this point. I'm not sure if I would be ready to call him an out-and-out racist, but his image is tarnished in my eyes.


What is "left-wing" about being disgusted by racism?

Billy, your question cannot even be qualified as stupid, you are plainly dishonest, so please, go to hell.

For any intelligent and honest observers out there, the question was not whether one should be disgusted by racism (whatever is meant by that, and I have a pretty good idea what anon and Billy mean by it), but why Bob was uncomfortable about thinking about race, and whether it is a legitimate line of enquiry.

Maybe I misunderstood you, maybe you weren't clear enough. Either way, your rudeness is perplexing.

You could have simply clarified my misunderstanding and stated your position clearly, however, you chose to first throw out an insult.

Why do you act like this? Why do you have to assert that I was dishonest? Why do you feel the need to make derogatory remarks about people's phsysical characteristics (re Boettke)?

I'm seriously curious. What does this attitude do for you or anyone else?

Sorry for my "dishonest" (if not stupid) question.

"And I also need to point out that your stated reason for letting left-wing cretins run rampant here (because of some cracks I might have made about Boetkke's weight) is worse than lame."

If we're leftists because we value tolerance and look down on bigotry, go for it and call me a leftist.

You can hang out on the right with guys like Samuel Francis, Joe Sobran and the other filth mentioned in the links above who wish to eliminate blacks.
Yeah, I know all about the kind of "tolerance" advocated by Anonymous and his ilk. But the striking thing here is, given that political correctness is essentially an official religion in the West, and that fools like Anonymous can spout the most idiotic garbage without fear of reprimand (esp from libertarians like Bob), one has to wonder why he's afraid to reveal his true identity. Perhaps he's an employee of one of our domestic spy agencies, like the SPLC or ADL?
And there's the usual way of ducking the racist charge "I don't hate blacks, I just don't like PC".

It's a load of crap.

Hoppe writes for Nazi publications, speaks at the functions of neo-nazi parties, invites neo nazis to his conferences and hangs out with other anti semites.

The guys a bigot and so are you.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Who cares what Anonymous thinks? Someday he'll be in the joint with the blacks he claims to love, and we all know what happens to white boys there.
Hoppe, the follower of Murray Rothbard and friend of Walter Block is an anti-Semite?
"Hoppe, the follower of Murray Rothbard and friend of Walter Block is an anti-Semite?"

1) Having two secular Jewish friends who write about the glories of Christian culture and share his other political, social cultural and economic views anyway exonerates him from being a bigot?

Two friends, were are/were almost as bigoted as he, by the way?

(he also hangs in the same circles as Raimondo, does that make him any less homophobic? Nope)

2) Let's assume Hoppe is not a bigot himself (I think he is), he still invites people representing some of the most disgusting aspects of political discourse to his conferences.
"he still invites people representing some of the most disgusting aspects of political discourse to his conferences."

I had no idea you had been invited.

Although, ADL spies routinely show up at conferences to monitor those they view as a threat.
Someone should tell these tools that namecalling like "bigot" or "racist" only works on those individuals of weak constitution (like Bob) who accept the left's (well, they're not really the left in the conventional sense) moral presuppositions and only disagree over means.
"1) Having two secular Jewish friends who write about the glories of Christian culture and share his other political, social cultural and economic views anyway exonerates him from being a bigot?"

I asked anti-Semite?

"Two friends, were are/were almost as bigoted as he, by the way?"

And anti-Semitic?

"(he also hangs in the same circles as Raimondo, does that make him any less homophobic? Nope)"

Why not? Raimondo him self has said Hoppe isn't homophobic, why shouldn't we believe him?

"2) Let's assume Hoppe is not a bigot himself (I think he is), he still invites people representing some of the most disgusting aspects of political discourse to his conferences."

Anonymous posting: Come on, Bob, the rumors that will be circulated can cost you a job several steps removed from LVMI.
Tom Dilorenzo-peeing on a five dollar bill and burning the civil war chapters in kiddies textbooks- proactive ways for a lazy libertarian to prevent the worship of lincoln.
Robert Murphy- 50 new diets for a tight ass and a stud body
David Kramer- new guide to taking every civics vocabulary word and misspelling it into a word against the state
Lew Rockwell- how to be an anarcho-capitalist and drool over any favorable mention of ron or rand paul
These leftist commentators need a fist shoved up their asses. Problem is, they'd probably like it.
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