Friday, January 29, 2010


The Fate of the Mighty Dollar

Tony G. passes this along. Note there are some naughty words at the end.

Awww only Americans can currently view things on Hulu. Too bad for me being a New Zealander and all.
Yes Kurt, Youtube clips can be viewed from the rest of the world. Hulu sucks for us.
The euro has a speedo--ha ha!

Actually, videos like this could go a long way towards educating people. It contains a heck of a lot more information than most people currently know.

Maybe it should replace school house rock?
There's a cartoon on Hulu of Obama's state of the union in a similar vein. It's great. In it, he says he's giving up and was just going to ride out his term by doing nothing. After watching it, I was left a bit disappointed because it represented a reality I wished existed.
oh sorry guys, the ethnocentric American blogger didn't realize that about hulu. :/
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