Monday, January 25, 2010


Economic Wisdom, Old School

In preparing an economics curriculum for junior high / high school students, I was reminded of just how amazing Bastiat's "The Petition of the Candlemakers" and Leonard Read's "I, Pencil" are. If you have never read them and are interested in free market economics, I highly recommend that you print them out and sit by yourself at lunch.

Talking about old school economic wisdom, it looks like old-timer Pat Buchanan has read some Austrian theory somewhere, although he hasn't properly understood it and for some reason thinks that it came from Milton Friedman.
Hello, for all students (at least high-school and the undergraduates) and others with an interest or enrolled in economics I have started a blog which will comprise study literature in a more entertaining form than standard textbooks, see
CrisisMaven’s Economics Study Guide. While still in its initial stages it will be added to constantly and covers general ecenomics subjects while at the same time dealing with current topics from the news that provide a welcome backdrop to an elucidating chapter in economics as well, e.g. Of Mortgage Brokers, ARMs, Attrition and Marathons .
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