Thursday, January 14, 2010


Cheap Gucci Boots...

...are apparently ugg on sale now ugg.

Does anyone know how I can reduce the frequency of these spam comments, without inconveniencing you or me?

You might consider moving to Wordpress, which is pretty good at moderating comments and fighting spam. You can even migrate your content over, so you won't lose anything (see google search here).

Also, Wordpress is a much better publishing platform than Blogger (in my opinion, at least).

Hope that helps!
You might want to consider what CafeHayek is using for it's comment system. It is very good.
Wordpress seems to be ahead of in spam management.

CafeHayek uses Wordpress with the disqus comment system which seems to only work on self-hosted Wordpress installations, so Bob would need a new host as well.

You can either deal with the spam (it's not that much anyway) or migrate to another platform.
Why don't you just do what they want and buy a pair of those stupid boots already! (haha)
If only the government would step in and regulate the internet so your site would stay free of spam...

Kidding ;-)
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