Tuesday, December 15, 2009


What Kind of Nutjobs Raised Andy Williams?

Did any of you grow up with a family tradition of telling scary ghost stories around Christmas?

I have said the same thing for YEARS! Bob, I'm glad you agree with me. That is the weirdest among several weird lines in Christmas songs.
If you're looking for a good scare near Christmas-time, this is probably more fitting:

TIME's Person of the Year
"A Christmas Carol"? Note: he doesn't say his family *told* them -- he said "there'll be" -- so that could be on TV. In any case, having watched that every Christmas as a kid, that's what came to mind for me.
I'm with Gene. I always assumed that phrase was a reference to A Christmas Carol.

And, just to be technical, the song was written by Eddie Pola and George Wyle - Andy Williams was who sang it.

So, it was Pola and Wyle who were raised by nutjobs - or people that really played up the creepy part of A Christmas Carol.
OK good thought, Gene. What would Plato and Aquinas say?
I'm sure Plato would not have approved, as a proto-fascist!
"There'll be scary ghost stories
And tales of the glories of
Christmases long, long ago"

Perhaps the lyricist(s) just needed something to rhyme with "glories".
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