Monday, December 14, 2009


Like Taking Money From a Bryan

Bryan Caplan bet me $100 that we wouldn't see 10% CPI inflation in any 12-month period over the next five years. What Bryan doesn't realize is that I would have paid $100 just for him to link to my article on the dollar. Heh heh, all too easy.

Actually, Bryan got the best of you.

You never stipulated that the $100 reward be indexed for inflation. If Bryan has to pay out, it will be a greatly devalued $100 compared to the $100 you would pay him.
This means that Bob-o must believe more than 50% chance of 10% inflation
JS, you're forgetting to index for the pure pleasuring of winning money from Bryan Caplan. That is at least a 10% premium in and of itself, though Bob probably values it higher than that.
What happens if BLS "improves" it's methods of calculating CPI during the time frame?
Bob how can you trust the CPI will rise 10%. We all know you don't trust those numbers which means that you think the government will inflate above the 10% and can't "adjust" the numbers down.
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