Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Gold Flirting With $1,200

Can it do it? Yes it can!

(My son has been watching Bob the Builder lately.)

Gold isn't 'flirting' with anything. It's just gold.

If anything, it's the dollar that's 'flirting' with disaster.

Even a sub-moron like me understands that one's 10% 'return' in the stock market is irrelevant when the apper in our pockets loses 20% of its purchasing power.

And our governemnt - the one that supposedly has our best interests at heart - did this to us.

Yesterday's paranoia will be tomorrow's new 'normal'.

Anonymous: "Gold isn't 'flirting' with anything. It's just gold.

If anything, it's the dollar that's 'flirting' with disaster."

That's nonsense! That's like saying that when the price of milk goes up by 10%, that it's not the milk, but the purchasing of the dollar, blah, blah , blah...

Yeah, of course, the purchasing power of the dollar in terms of gold is decreasing. That's what happens when any price of any commodity increases.

And a 10% increase in stocks right now is almost a 10% gain in purchasing power in terms of consumer goods. I don't know what you're taking about but prices of consumer goods haven't increased by 20% (not yet at least).
Where one chooses to live may be most relevant.

Interesting that the premium on the Krugerrand has today jumped above the Maple and Philharmonic. Nearly matching the American coins. Whassup?
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