Monday, December 7, 2009


Climategate Potpourri

* Lew Rockwell on how the Left was diverted from its noble mission of opposing wars and protecting civil liberties. (Rockwell also passes on this story: US creationists defend the Climategate scientists!)

* Clive Crook has a similar take to mine.

* Because of Crook, Megan McArdle also starts to thinking that maybe there is something there after all.

The Blackadder Says:

The creationism story is satire (it's funny satire, but I don't want anyone getting the idea that it's a real story).
What? The wackos from Waco aren't on the up and up? Aw man! :)
You have to love Crook's urging that the IPCC needs to be fixed. The point is that it is fixed. It is the height of fantasy to imagine that a political body formed and funded by a collection of world governments is ever going to come to any conclusion other than one which necessitates a substantial increase in the powers of those governments.

We are supposed to ignore a scientists work and pronouncements if it is discovered that an employee of an oil company once bought them a pepsi and yet if you are to point out that the IPCC is a fully owned subsidiary of those interests its recommendations would benefit you're dismissed as some kind of conspiracy theorist
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