Saturday, November 21, 2009


The Skeptics Really Are Skeptics

This particular blog post does not bear on the truth of anthropogenic (manmade) global warming. I'm not going to bother pasting anything here, because the point is (if you're interested) you need to scroll through Anthony Watts' post (at a leading skeptic website) and just get the general flavor. There are tons of people saying "let's not jump to conclusions" and "if something's too good to be true..." Note it's not necessarily because they're such stand-up guys; a lot of the people are cautioning against trumpeting these CRU emails, because they think it's a trap.

So I was very pleasantly surprised by the skeptics on this. They really were skeptical, especially in the earlier comments when this was still HOT HOT HOT. Yes, Fox News et al. immediately trumpeted, "GLOBAL WARMING FRAUD" or whatever, but the actual people who care about the science (and are skeptical) were not taking the CRU emails at face value.

It might be a trap.
But I can assure you that if it is, it's a master peace. It has just the correct blend of «not too much» and «I knew that».

No real scandal, no «plot explained» as would be the case in a movie... :)

But what we must all keep in mind is that these guy at the Hadley Center (most of them anyway ) are not plotting against anything. They are TOTALLY convinved that they are the good guy !
They are fighting for their truth, the same way (honest) socialist are doing it.

And like socialism, it's a no win situation to figth them with their errors. What must be exposed is the way they manipulate reality ( that is: facts ). Reason and objectivity are the only weapons for truth.
(unless someone wants to play the same game... )
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