Saturday, November 28, 2009


The Core of What Economics Teaches

Tom Woods alerted me to this. I am embedding it below to get you hooked, but if and when you decide, "Dangit I have to listen to the whole half hour!" then you should click on it and watch it in High Quality widescreen.

This is a very different speech from the kind I normally give, since the audience was (mostly) high school students. I even unveil my George Carlin impression, except I chickened out and didn't actually "do" Carlin.

(Incidentally, the YouTube commenters clearly have no taste.)

BTW here's Tom Woods' talk from the same event; I opened and he closed. The other talks were good too: Doug French on money and inflation, Floy Lilley on recycling, and Jeff Tucker on innovation and Catholic monks.

YouTube comments and taste are historically mutually exclusive.
"Incidentally, the YouTube commenters clearly have no taste."

Now there's a newsflash.
This little comic might be relevant:
Great. I'd already discovered and listened to the audio on By the way, how do you get past the YouTube limit of 10 mins? Don't tell me money is involved? (Gasp!)

Gary North's recent article, Digits and Revolution, waxes passionate (again) about the power of the Internet to outrun the long arm of government. You and and many other Austrian economists are certainly doing your bit to help spread the word of an alternative analysis of what is going on, and what can be done to improve the situation.
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