Monday, November 23, 2009


CNBC Casually Discussing Gold-Backed World Currency

You might think, "Ah sweet! That's what we want, right?"

Well, yeah, sort of, except the reason we'll get there is through a dollar collapse, not a Rothbardian revival.

MercedesRules sent me the below clip; start watching around 6:45. (And I forget how to get rid of the blank spaces below...)

Rothbard was never popular, so even if he becomes popular now it won't be a "revival". You can call it a Jeffersonian revival.
I wonder how long it would take before Americans cross the Canadian border and set up Canadian dollar bank accounts at Canadian banks, much like people buy cheaper drugs in Canada. Americans have little experience in this because the faux supremacy of the US dollar, but the elite of lesser nations have had dollar accounts in their countries to preserve their wealth for a long time. Now the tables are about to be switched. Is the Canadian dollar a reasonable alternative?
There are those that argue that the only thing that can bring about an end to the wars, an end to the empire, and the creation of a new gold currency, is a total collapse of the dollar system.
If the dollar tanks it seems more likely that SDR's or some other paper world currency would take it's place then gold.
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