Saturday, October 3, 2009


You Get What You Give

Or so I hear. I've added my version of a Blog Roll to the left. I am surely leaving out plenty of blogs that I visit often, so I'll be adding to it in the near future. But it's a start for me to join the wonderful world of mutually beneficial linking.

Hey Bob,

Let me know if you want to exchange with my blog:

I only post once a week. Mises blog?!? You can probably add CafeHayek too.
You're the first blog to blogroll me. Yay!!!

And in recognition of my recent redirection of incivility away from you and toward Gene, I finally blogrolled you! I bet the traffic will be just rollin in now :-)
My philosophy for a blog roll is a list of sites that I personally read often. So even though I like the CafeHayek people, for whatever reason I don't actually go to that site too much unless someone else links to it.

Dave I will check out your site but (per above) unless it ends up in my normal repertoire I wouldn't add it to the list.

Ryan, I link to LvMI in the earlier section, since I actually work for them.
Silas I am going to try to redirect all of my critics into focusing their ire on Gene.
Um...I do hope you're not expecting any linky-love from Krugman.
How About David Friedman's blog "Ideas"?
Nice post. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.
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