Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Two Items on Drug Legalization

Since I've been discussing the issue, two items:

* Mark Thornton passed along NORML's estimate of the fiscal benefits to California's government if they legalized marijuana. (Note I haven't reviewed their study so I don't know if it's any good. If this were a blog devoted to cheap jokes, I would say something like, "I don't know if they were smoking when they ran the numbers.")

* Laurence Vance discusses the standard arguments for legalization, and says that only the ultimate argument from liberty is the solid one.

The Blackadder Says:

I clicked on the link for the Vance article, the one Bob says "discusses the standard arguments for legalization, and says that only the ultimate argument from liberty is the solid one." Here is the opening paragraph:

The government's War on Drugs, like its War on Poverty and its War on Terror, is a failure. It has clogged the judicial system, unnecessarily swelled prison populations, fostered violence, corrupted law enforcement, eroded civil liberties, and destroyed financial privacy. It has encouraged illegal searches and seizures, ruined countless lives, wasted hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars, hindered legitimate pain treatment, and had no impact on the use or availability of most drugs in the United States.

So let me get this straight. A person could believe everything in this opening paragraph, but according to Bob and Mr. Vance, unless he also accepts the liberty principle, he doesn't have solid grounds for favoring drug legalization?
I`m with the Blackadder.

AND I consider these other arguments as arguments about personal liberty (not simply the tazings, imprisonments, disruption of urban life, corruption abroad, but also the theft and misuse of tax dollars).
Marijuana is no more of a drug than coffee
I truly believe that the most likely potential to achieve a free society in which all drugs would be legalized will be through the efforts of the Campaign For Liberty whose membership has redoubled several times since its creation one year ago and now stands at 218,718 but just keeps growing.

If the redoubling continues there would be over 5 million in another year. We intend to replace the politicians who fail to keep their oaths to preserve the Constitution but use sophistry to justify their violations of its principles.


Join us!
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