Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Search Engines Today, Foreheads Tomorrow

Does anyone else find Google's barcode logo a bit creepy? Or is it just an evangelical Christian hangup?

an even better question would be... why are you linking to a canadian news site?
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It's a bit creepy
An evangelical Christian hangup. But don't feel bad, we are all like this. Wondering if every popular politician that comes along is the Antichrist, when the one world government is coming, when that peace treaty will be signed.
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Haha, I thought the same thing when I saw it this morning. I would say it's some of both. On the one hand I know it's some of my former dispensationalist beliefs hanging in the back of my mind, but then I am also vaguely reminded of that genre of sci-fi movie where everyone is some kind of drone/conformist clone and they're identified by something like a barcode.
I find the evangelical Christian hang-up to be more than a little creepy.
It's probably a hang up because I can't even imagine what the link would be. (As I recall, bar codes are not mentioned in the Bible.) If it's supposed to be some kind of mark, well, a mark can be any of a thousand different things.
I agree, I found it creepy.
Bob, I found it intriguing when I saw it earlier today; can you where the evangelical creepy sense?

Also, what`s with all of the "comment deleted" posts?

You would have to ask the authors of the comments who deleted those posts, why they did so.

As far as barcodes and Christians, in the last book of the Bible (Revelations), it says that "the beast" will place a mark on everyone who is his. And the "mark of the beast" is 666.

So some Christians fear that barcodes are a precursor to this.
Callahan probably deleted them!
Bob, I understand about the mark of the Beast, but we`ve been using addresses, telephone numbers, social security numbers, bar codes and more for decades. So I don`t at all get the heeby-jeebies some of you apparently feel here.

Having our government chip us (like they do or passports) does worry me, though.

As to the undeleted posts, they simply present a puzzle, as I have no clue as to what was deleted or by whom.
Tom, did you read the link? Does every SSN or telephone number have 6 - 6 - 6 embedded in it?
Sure, I looked at it Bob, but my take is that the bar code was made to be read by computers, not humans, and for computers the supposed "666" are simply dividers.

Besides the research which indicates that the author of Revelations actually wrote "616" (, what we have here is at root simply an example of man`s built-in "pattern recognition" programming:

Scientists believe that this programming, which can be seen in other animals as well, was helpful in alerting us to possible enemies, etc.

In any case, the bar code is being replaced by alternatives that, apparently, don`t include a 666:
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