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Rachel Maddow Opposes "Treason" Against US Government

What a tool. Although Glenn Greenwald and a few other progressives are willing to admit that the US government didn't become cleansed of its sins with the inauguration of Barack Obama, Rachel Maddow certainly doesn't qualify. Watch her discussing Jim DeMint and Honduras. I only watched about the first three minutes of the clip, but note (1) very early on, Maddow uses the terms "us," "our government," and "our country" interchangeably, and (2) crystallizes DeMint's sin as "telling them to resist what our government wants" (not an exact quote but close). Oh the horrors! Telling someone to resist the wishes of the US government!

It should go without saying that I am not supporting military coups, and I'm not saying Jim DeMint is a crusader against US imperialism. I am simply agreeing with Lew Rockwell who commented on this, "Here is demonstrated the deal [Maddow] made, and all the TV media have made, in return for money and glory: state worship and thought control."

Eactly so. We need a true competitor to government or eventually we will all get our own personal "stimulus payoff".
First of all...if you keep repeating a lie it doesn't make it true. It was not a military coup. The independent judiciary found that Zelaya broke the law. The congress then impeached him...oh and by the way it's his own party and put in another member of his party as the interim president. The independent judiciary then orders the military leaders to arrest him. Congress wants him out so they kick him out of the country. I wish the media could get this right. What is truly terrifying about the support that the obama administration is providing to Zelaya is that he broke the law so that he could remain in power much longer, ala, Hugo Chavez...who by the way (yes another)...produced the illegal ballots that Zelaya was trying to use. The only one who insists on reporting this correctly is Mary Anastasia O'Grady of the WSJ.

My mother and father were in Honduras earlier this year on a mission trip and they getting nearly daily e-mails from a doctor in the country. It seems the majority of the people don't want Zelaya and just want to be able to vote in the normal national election in November. But this administration doesn't seem to want that.
I just realized Maddow looks like a female Jon Stewart who isn't funny so I don't think I'll pay any attention to her anymore. Good day, sirs!
Unbelievable. Fascists all of them.
Would the Black Caucus's visit to Cuba earlier this year -- in Maddow terms -- qualify as treason?

'The congress then impeached him...'

I can find no mention of his 'impeachment' in any news story I found about these events, but I did find, by someone in Honduras, the claim that:

'the Honduran Constitution has no provision for "impeachment" as such.'

And having read the Honduran Constitution, I must say I saw no impeachment clause. When you read it, did you?

"The independent judiciary then orders the military leaders to arrest him."

Where, in your reading of the Honduran constitution, did you find the clause the ALLOWS the judiciary to order the military to arrest the president?

"Zelaya... broke the law so that he could remain in power much longer"

Of course, this is what the opposition contends. He said he intended to step down. What he actually did do was try to have a referendum as to whether a constitutional convention should be held. Many opponents of the current constitution contend it essentially creates a military government. Of course, if that is the case, changing it would generate some opposition from, say, the military, the courts, the party in power...

And the military, of course, expatriated Zelaya after his arrest. Where, Matthew, in your reading of the Honduran constitution, do you see they have the authority to do that?

'I wish the media could get this right.'

Isn't that funny? The media, employing actual journalists who do things like go to Honduras and investigate, read the Honduran constitution, talk to both sides of the dispute, etc., they can't get this right, but you, surfing the Internet, can!

"What is truly terrifying"... is the way some people get spoon fed their news because they find a single source ('the only one who insists on reporting this correctly') that tells them what they already want to hear. (Obama: BAD!)
I for one reserve judgement on the whole issue. I never heard of Zelaya until he was ousted - I didn't even know what the name of the Honduran capital is. I get information on things I know nothing about from sources I have no reason to trust. So, whatever is going on in Honduras - it's probably more complicated then it is portrayed by the media and politicians, and it's probably not as clean-cut as some like to portray it. Let Hondurans settle this among themselves. Why is that anybody else's problem?
I also agree with Lew Rockwell.....
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