Thursday, October 8, 2009



I have yet another trip, this time to the ISI Conference in Indianapolis. So no blogging until at least Friday evening. In the meantime:

* My discovery, Edward Gonzalez, in his first Mises Daily.

* Mish doesn't like all this fuss about oil not being priced in dollars. Does anyone actually know the details here? Do foreign institutions hold reserves in dollars because of oil purchases? I get what Mish is saying, but I'm not sure if his armchair theorizing is correct. At the very least, one could argue that the move away from dollar-quoting oil prices is reflective of the demotion of the USD as a reserve currency. And certainly that has implications.

* I meant to post this a while ago, but Aristos makes a basic--yet crucial--point that our political reporting usually neglects. The government doesn't give rights to anybody, including terrorism detainees.

Mishes investments are mainly denominated in dollars, and obviously his company is more atractive under a strong dollar.

Now you can understand why all this claims about deflation and a strong dollar.
Slightly off-topic, but big news: my usual point about abandoning the gold standard in the Great Depression got approved as a comment on Krugman's blog!
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