Friday, October 9, 2009


It's Hard to Outfox Me

I was flipping through the radio on my way to the airport this morning, and in between songs the DJ said, "The White House today reacted with surprise to the announcement that President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize."

I was astounded. They couldn't possibly have given it to him. That would be even more blatantly political than the Krugman award. Even regular Americans might be suspicious at such a ridiculous choice. I mean, that would be like if you had a printing press, and just went crazy with it, instead of bilking people methodically for decades.

The DJ then said, "And NASA bombed the moon this morning." I felt foolish for my gullibility. Clearly this guy was reading fake headlines, though I didn't really get the joke.

(Seriously, I was sure it had all been dumb jokes. It wasn't until my cousin texted me "OMFG..." that I realized Obama really had won. My new hypothesis was that the DJ was making some subtle rip on the Nobel committee, like Obama wins the prize while sending Predator drones into Pakistan, so he might as well bomb the moon the same day he wins the prize. It wasn't until checking out the LRC blog that I realized that too was for real.)

The unfortunate consequence of this is that The Onion will undoubtedly go out of business. How can they compete with this stuff!
Even my liberal, bleeding-heart, Probama colleagues think this is absurd. Particularly if you consider that some very worthy organization was slated to get the prize instead.
I think the question on everyone's mind is -- will Obama bow to the King of Norway?
Bizarre. This is making me rethink your post on the Google bar codes.
Just wait until Krugman stops in Stockholm to pick up #2 in a row.
The only way they could top this would be to give Ben Bernanke the economics prize.
It's nothing but affirmative action by the Nobel committee.
ah yes. affirmative action.should have thought of it. bit oslo on the uptake,arent we all.
It's pretty absurd I don't care who you are. Especially since the application due date was Feb 1, less then 2 weeks he was in office! LOL Oh I like how Code Pink is not pro-Afghanistan war, haha, next thing you know Krugman will be saying things like "Maybe the boom bust cycle is cause by artificially low interest rates set by the FED and propelled by fractional reserve banking?" LOL
Wow! Rockwell notes that a scientific experiment did not go exactly as planned. Holy crap! This is certainly the first time this has ever happened, and makes the point that all government sponsored science is worthless, unless, of course, sponsored by Ron Paul, in which case it is unlibertarian to ever question its validity.
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