Monday, October 12, 2009


Free Advice

Sometimes on this blog I literally give you free advice. Today's bit of wisdom: Just because you turn off the switch for your garbage disposal, doesn't mean the blades stop turning. I didn't draw blood or anything, but I wish I'd paid more attention to the rotational inertia lecture in my high school physics class.

Damm Bob, that was funny! I've been reading your blog for months and although your cracks on Krugman are pretty entertaining, this one takes the cake!
OMG, that's a little terrifying! I'm usually paranoid about those things (my family owns apartments and I've seen what they can do to silverware) I usually unplug it under the sink before putting my hand down there
I'm sorry for your misfortune. If it make you feel any better, I laughed when reading the post.
Bob, do you believe TLC really hates Jon Gosselin? For the sake of their children, Jon & Kate should get back together and stop fighting about their birthday parties. What say you?
I ground up a favorite baby spoon by mistake in the disposal once and I have never had a disposal since. I have had nightmares about grinding up my hand ...
For me to reach into a garbage disposal, I would insist that its circuit be shut off, that no one be in the same room as the circuit box, and for that room to be locked with the only key for it on a chain around my neck.
Ben, there's no way I'd reach into a garbage disposal if I had a key hanging around my neck. Then if it kicked on, not only would my hand get chopped up, but I'd get strangled. Haven't you watched Final Destination?
The garbage disposal story brings to mind the value of salesman. GD's weren't always a must have. I know a man who many, many years ago went door to door selling GD's. He got many doors slammed in his face and was run out of more towns than I have been in.
Robert, garbage disposals still aren't a "must have," and perhaps your story suggests the downside of salesmen!
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