Monday, October 12, 2009


"A Cherry-Picker's Guide to Temperature Trends"

Assuming his numbers are right, Chip Knappenberger has posted the single best piece summarizing the recent global temperature trends that I have ever read. It really is a tour de force.

Chip takes on both sides, accusing a RealClimate guy and Richard Lindzen of cherry picking to bolster their claims. Here's Chip's overall message:
What I can say for certain, is that the recent behavior of global temperatures demonstrates that global warming is occurring at a much slower rate than that projected by the ensemble of climate models, and that global warming is most definitely not accelerating.
If you are at all interested in the climate change debate, you need to read Chip's post.

Then there is the story from NASA last year that the sun is entering a dormant phase that will last about a decade and will cause global cooling. However, NASA warned that the cool decade will only mask global warming, which will return with a vengeance when the sun returns to normal.
1. I still think the whole thing is a hoax. I've seen nothing to suggest that C02 in the 500-600 ppm area is anything out of the ordinary historically.

2. The hysterics are generally Stalinists whose sole motivation in life is to have the government control everyone else. Global Warming is brilliant in that regard because it gives the government the excuse to control everything about everyone.

3. The hysterics are generally economic illiterates and generally employ vicious ad hominem attacks upon their GW opponents in lieu of facts and logic just as they do against their economic opponents. As with Point #2, they are generally motivated by blinding rage and see GW legislation as a way to get back at those they despise (normal people).

4. Has a GW hysteric ever admitted to being wrong? Do they concede that CO2 levels go up AFTER temperatures have historically risen, not the other way around as claimed by Al Gore? Do they concede that the ice off Alaska in the Arctic Ocean has retreated 200 miles offshore every summer but one since 1980? Which hasn’t resulted in mass death of polar bears?

5. Who built all the freeways? Using eminent domain? The same progressive who are now GW hysterics.

6. Even assuming the worst GW scenario in terms of increased temperatures, I’ve nothing to suggest that this would result in anything more than longer growing seasons and improved human health by shortening the death-inducing and sickness-inducing winters.

7. Any fair minded person can see that eminent catastrophe that we all face comes directly from the GW hysterics themselves and their fascist and totalitarian economic ideas.
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