Monday, September 7, 2009


Van Jones Must Be Fuming

He was brought down by this guy?! (Just watch the first 50 seconds; you'll see.)

I might understand Beck forgetting the 'c' in the heat of the broadcast, but there isn't even a 'c' to forget. Is his entire staff illiterate? All I can ask is Y.
Oh goodness. That was a literal LOL moment for me right there. Thanks for the video, hahahaha...
I'm tired of being a sheep, and if you are, too, just hang around until the same time tomorrow and Beck will tell you exactly what to do and where to go. Erm, can you run that baaaaa me again?

I've heard conservatives and even some libertarians enthuse about this man, but when I click on the embedded video, I see this, and the time before was when he cried on tv, and everyone said how sincere he was and how moved they were... except me.
I believe Beck to be a good stepping stone towards libertarian thought for staunch neocons. However, if you have already taken "the pill" then his show is hard to swallow.

I noticed the same thing. If he had run out of room on the blackboard when they just spelled OLIGARC, I would've thought maybe Glenn wrote the words too big and just decided to punt.

But as you note, it really seems that in the script they forgot about the C. That blackboard was probably prepared before the show, since it would have taken a long time for him to write all that out live.
CNN, Fox, MSNBC, ABC, what have you - how can anybody seriously watch this stuff day in and day out? To believe you get a balanced picture by watching this kind of garbage is like believing you get a balanced diet from eating puss, excrement, and vomit.
Maybe I'm indulging in conspiracy theories here, but that seems such a glaring error, I wonder if it's not some stunt to get people to talk about the show.
Or maybe an example of the principal-agent problem. Maybe people of the staff noticed it, but being Obama supporters, they kept it to themselves so to make Beck look like a idiot.

The missing C was intentional, though without the context where he comments that the main complaint the White House has made about his show is that he's miss using Czar.
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