Monday, September 28, 2009


Thomas Sowell Also Using the "But Loans Are Down!!" Argument

Bill R. sends along this interview with Thomas Sowell. Start it at the 5:00 mark, and you'll see that Sowell makes the same point regarding the alleged "rescue" of the credit markets as I did on Kudlow. From the timing, I'm guessing it was an independent discovery. I'm surprised more people aren't using this argument.

Compared to almost all other Ivory Tower intellectuals, Sowell consistently impresses with the bread of his pulse on what is happening --
Greg, I agree. Sowell is a painful example of the hypocrisy of mainstream media and academia. Sowell's personal story is one which journalists and academics would generally want to shout from the rooftops: African-american born in Jim Crow South, father died before he was born, moved to Harlem, dropped out of school because of financial and family difficulties yet eventually earned a GED, graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, received a masters from Columbia and a PhD from the U of Chicago. Like Hayek, he's produced influential and groundbreaking research in multiple areas of study. But, he's a libertarian so it's ok to ignore him as though he doesn't exist. It's sickening.
libertarian with pro war leanings?. odd. maybe this is the exact reason he kept ignoring ron paul
There is another aspect of "the unusual life of thomas sowell" that Caveman doesn't mention.

In the early part of his academic career, he was, as an expert on Marx and Marx's writings. So he was often assumed to be a Marxist. Which, of course, he was not.
Geez guys. I wasn't trying to pass off a comprehensive or revisionist biography of Sowell. I was just pointing out that his personal story is one that would land him on Oprah if he were a moderate or liberal. And his professional accomplishments would have every major paper in the country offering him a soap box like Krugman's if he held mainstream views.

I find his claims regarding the "threat" radical Islam poses to the West as silly as you probably do. Perhaps, it's not entirely accurate to call him a "libertarian." But, he generally takes a libertarian-like stance on many important issues.

IMHO, Sowell is an independent and original thinker. He obviously isn't right about everything but he's right far more often than he's wrong. It's simply a shame how few Americans even know he exists.
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