Thursday, September 17, 2009


Should the Fed Be Abolished?

I didn't vote for Ron Paul, but I did vote in the poll at the end of this CNBC article reviewing RP's new book, End the Fed. As of my vote, 83% agreed that the Fed should be abolished.

why didnt you vote for paul? thats shocking news.not even in the primaries?
Ya I'm arguably #1 Bob Murphy fan-boy over here, but I would be curious as to why one wouldn't vote for Ron Paul?
Guys, it's not like he voted for Romney instead or anything.

I also didn't vote for Ron Paul, I didn't vote.
I know that Bob doesn't vote. He has mentioned that before and has linked to articles laying out the reasoning for abstaining from voting.

Also, although Ron and Bob agree on a lot of things, they don't agree on others. Ron is an advocate of constitutionally limited government. Bob advocates anarcho-capitalism.
James Pressley of BLOOMBERG attempts to review "End the Fed" here.

I submit that Pressley hasn't even read the book. I wrote two critiques of Pressley as comments on the blog here and here.
Jesse is right. I will post my not-voting article on the main page in case others were shocked.
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