Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Rush to Hypocrisy

Today Rush Limbaugh was going nuts over President Obama's "surrender to the UN" when the rest of the world "didn't fire a shot." He said something like, "You know who should really be worried, folks, are our traditional allies. The Brits [and I forget the other countries he listed--RPM]. The people who depend on this country for their security and economic assistance, they oughta be alarmed that Obama just threw them under the bus."

And here I thought Rush was against people being dependent on Uncle Sam?

And here I thought Rush was against people being dependent on Uncle Sam?
Apparently not if there are demogogic points to be scored. C'mon, Bob, this is tv (even if it's radio)! Haven't you learned your lesson with Glenn Beck, yet? I swear Beck is watching Network over and over; he's sounding more and more like Howard Beale.
These guys aren't perfect but at least they are doing something, do we want Obama left unchecked. All the good ideas in the world don't matter if no one knows what they are.
The "left" has welfare and environmentalism. The "right" has religion and imperialism. Pick your poison.
The cattle chute on the Left and the cattle chute on the Right both lead to the State's slaughterhouse.

Limbaugh adores the State even if he doesn't realize it. (Dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori, etc.) He justifies it by improperly identifying the Left as his opponent instead of Leviathan. "Better that we manage the abattoir than them."

Meanwhile our standards of living & wealth & liberties & natural rights stagger and fall to be ground to dust by tank treads.

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