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Obama to Head UN Security Council?

So, for those who are convinced that Obama is the Manchurian Candidate, this certainly isn't reassuring:
President Barack Obama will make history later this month when he takes the head seat at the table of the United Nations 15-member Security Council. Amazingly, President Obama will become the first United States president to chair the important international council, which deals with issues of global security, including nuclear disarmament.

Now here's the really odd thing. I wanted to link to this story at a news site more reputable than "ChattahBox." But doing a google news search for "obama un security council," I couldn't find any mainstream publications covering this. It was only ChattahBox and a few other political blogs.

So, is the story a fabrication? If not, isn't that just a bit odd, that the first time in history the US president is going to head the UN Security Council, and no major news organization even mentions it? Do I just need to refine my google skills, or is this Point Set Match for the Bilderberg Group?

Bob, you`re not tryting hard enough, and you are paying too much attention to kooks:

Reuters did this on Sept 6:

and NBC had this yesterday:

I did a quick search at WashPost and found only a mention by one of their bloggers.

"Meanwhile, Time writes, Obama is trying to restart Middle East peace talks, hoping to make an announcement on the subject during the upcoming UN General Assembly. Obama will this month be the first U.S. president to chair the UN Security Council."

Seems like its just a temporary or titular event.
The Blackadder Says:

Apparently the reach of the Bilderberger's doesn't extend to the Financial Times.
I originally spotted it at FT, but when I googled for a link the Chatta Box came up. It is interesting how low key MSM coverage is of this.

I mean we are talking about the first U. S. prez to head the U.N. Secutity Council!

Which leads me to believe it's important, otherwise they would have given it as much coverage as they did the Obama's new dog.
What do you mean msm coverage is low? Infowars is running a piece about it today.
Google fail?
@ Jesse:

I guess Infowars is MSM- it is, after all, federally-funded crap that passes for "news". The funds simply flow from a different spigot.
You mean, the head of the UN security council ISN'T always automatically the US Prez?!?!
Article 1, Section 9 of the U.S Constitution:

No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State.
The U.N. is not a foreign state. First of all, it is an association of several nation states, among which the United States of America resides. Secondly, it is located in Manhattan. I'm pretty sure that's domestic. Please look into these sort of accusations before simply parroting what some hate monger asserts. A lot of accusations recently made towards President Obama are simply rhetorical, metaphorical, nonsense, or simply lies. If you hate the man so much, why don't you do your own research and find something real to complain about instead of letting semi-mainstream media dictate what you think about. It's time for American patriots to take responsibility for the things they report to be factual. If you don't know 100% what you're talking about, please don't talk about it. It undermines the ability of those who truly understand what they're saying to effectively inform others.
Good grief all members on the council get a kick at the can. The presidency of the council lasts for 1 month then swithces. In the past it has been handled by the Secretary of State. But due to what was on the Agenda President Obama Chose to lead the session himself. And I say good for him. It is about time a US president actually showed they had a personal grasp of the international situation.
Obama is a fraud. And when I say that I'm not specifically against him. George Bush was horrible. Obama is well spoken, but he belongs to the same group. If he didn't, we never would of heard of him. Obama will not bring any real change. The wars will continue, and he will send more troops. He will continue to hire lobbyists, as he promised not to do. And his bail out of the bankers was a sign of who he serves. Not to mention the fact that there is a bill to audit the Fed that should be happening but instead Obama wants to give the Fed more power. I'd watch out Americans, your dollar is headed towards the ground, and fast. When China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and others start to pull out of USD... it will collapse and you will be left with the bill in the form of hyper-inflation.

Spend a couple hours watching this documentary and you may find that I'm not a hate monger but someone who's deeply concerned about OUR way of life. You can do what you wish but why not listen to all the facts and then make your decision rather than just siding with one side or the other like we have been programmed to do for decades. This video is full of facts not hypotheticals and accusations. If you have an oppossing video or facts post them and I'll listen.
its treason for obama take him out of office then kick him out of the country the man is a fraud. he serves wall street not the american people!!! and all of the progressive left needs to be weeded out
Isn't it funny that if you question the US government or its policies, you are either a terrorist/extremist, a crazy person who is mentally ill, or an idiot who doesn't know how to research anything.

But when I argue with people about certain bills being passed, and documentation from official government/military websites which is clearly in the domain of the public they have never heard of it and they don't care.
are you serious!?!? see article from Sept 9:

"The Obama administration hopes to use the MONTH_LONG appointment to emphasise a departure from the Bush administration's strategy of pursuing its own unilateral policies through the council."

well i guess it's over by now isn't it... and obama didnt take over the world in that oh-so long month long appointment... so what's happening in 2012 in your opinion mr. blooger? friggin kook!
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