Thursday, September 10, 2009


Murphy on Panel to Discuss Geithner Town Hall

OK kids, someone needs to set your TiVo or whatever wacky new gadgets you use nowadays, because I just found out I'm going to be on CNBC tonight on a panel discussion following Geithner's town hall. So if I understand correctly, Geithner's thing starts at 7pm EST and then our panel discussion begins at 8pm EST. It would really be cool if someone could capture this for YouTube.

This is great. I'll definitely be watching you tonight. Glad to see you getting more mainstream exposure and your name and face out there. Hopefully, it won't turn you over to the dark side though.
I don't think I've ever heard of a US Treasury Secretary having town hall meetings before.

I expect you will be the only voice of reason on the panel. Do us proud. Good luck.
You are aware that the football season starts tonight?
Von Pepe, the liberal media totally planned that.
Go get 'em!!! Bob!
Could this lead to a "Bob Murphy Was Right" video?

Unfounded hopes say "YES".
You betta do put dat jaunt up on YouTube
I love how two of the other panelists call Geithner "Tim"...old boys club.
I like the "never had a real job" line. I was begging they'd pass the inflation question to you, shucks.
Did you hear Sorkin "rebute" Bob by saying I think there is a counterfactual to that? Then he offered "everyone's" opinion!

Doesn't a counterfactual have to be a fact?!!!!!
The previous counterfactual post was von Pepe

too excited to fill everything out
Please tell me somebody captured this for youtube. I'm stuck at work.
Nice work...

Channel Tom Woods and anticipate those lame comebacks next time. Through out that damn demon baby.

Very nice work, you're a step closer to impressing those pink bar flies.
I believe this might be it.
(Robert P Murphy on CNBC)
Is that youtube clip the whole thing? It stops rather abruptly at 6.5 mins.
@ Caveman

Not sure if its the entire clip. It does seem as if it was cut off prematurely.
Douglas and Caveman,

I watched it live and can tell you there was more to the clip than that- however, I think that was the last that was heard from the good doc.
Oh yeah, and I really wanted them to allow Bob to jump in after that guy says "I think everyone agrees that we would be in a much worse place, no?"
@ Jesse

That statement towards the end seems to be a favorite these days. Nothing more than an "appeal to belief/popularity" and "begging the question" thrown into one sentence. Its sad that people out there fall for it.
It's glad to be here!
Daniel said:

It's glad to be here!

It was hoping no one would catch that...
We Austro-libertarians catch everything. :D
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