Friday, September 11, 2009


Murphy on Kudlow Discussing Geithner

I hadn't put two and two together... It wasn't until I was sitting in the chair with the mic in my ear that I realized I was going to be on Kudlow's show. (It was probably all for the best, since the adrenaline would have been pumping even more had I known for two hours beforehand.) Anyway, I walked out of the studio feeling pretty good about the points I made. I was disappointed when I discovered I had said, "It's glad to be here..." right out of the gate, but hey I just wanted to make sure you were listening.

Thanks so much to "Minnesota Chris" for posting this. It was actually ready by the time I got back to my computer and checked my email. These Austrian computer geeks are taking over!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention--and I'm not making this up--the camera man had to adjust the camera up a few notches when we were getting situated. The previous interviewee had been a lineman for the Tennessee Titans and apparently I was taller from the butt up. Yeah, what's up.

UPDATE 2: BTW, in case anyone actually wants to hear what others had to say, here is the full Kudlow segment:

in sequence:
1. loans are going up
2. "oh no! credit crunch!! lets make sure creadit doesnt dry up!!"
3. unprecedented effort to provide credit
4. loans then start to go down.

and somehow we are supposed to conclude that step #3 "got credit flowing again"????

where did these fools learn how to analyze data?

it was nice watching bob's reaction when the cnbc staff analyst was commenting on his (dr. murphy's) criticism of geithner. it was like, "uh...what the...? how could...?" such nonsense.
I forgot to mention--and I'm not making this up--the camera man had to adjust the camera up a few notches when we were getting situated. The previous interviewee had been a lineman for the Tennessee Titans and apparently I was taller from the butt up. Yeah, what's up.

or maybe it had something to do with glare ;)
Did Kudlow hook you up with any booze and coke?
I was wondering if Bob would have to curb any criticisms he has of Kudlow now to make sure he keeps getting put on the show. I personally have read nothing but the highest praise for Kudlow on this site. He's a real beacon of hope for us that want the message of the free market to be spread.
Three words:

Professional Media Training.

Hire any good PR agency, pay $10,000 bucks, and nothing like that will happen again.

You'll learn things like 'key messages', 'speaking points', etc. You'll be amazed how effective that is.
Of course, you were talking about the czar being "glad to be here". We all knew that. Your only (minor) mistake was not using a personal pronoun.

I have done some professional media training (through IER). I guess we missed the lesson where they say, "Don't blend 'it's great to be here' with 'i'm glad to be here.'"

What threw me was Kudlow welcoming me as a first-time guest. I wasn't expecting that.
bob, sorry - i should have watched it first. you were doing just fine. You have to be more agressive jumping in, though. Look at other CNBC panels - people become very pushy.

Otherwise - good job.
Very good job! I would be nervous about Kudlow, too. One can sense he definitely has his heart in the right place but his professional thought process is totally schizophrenic. He says contradictory things all the time.

Anyway, as a taxpayer, I thank you for speaking directly to actions. Boykin and Sorkin (and Kudlow) were fluffball in comparison. It was all 'we have to look at this/that, Geithner showed thoughtfulness and gravitas, blah blah his demeanor, is Geithner growing in role, blah blah, in seriousness, is he the most conservative member of the admin, blah blah'. I wanted to scream "Who cares about that stuff? This is not little Timmy's self-esteem session!!" You were the only one who spoke about facts, not perceptions as in 'Geithner doublespeaks, he says one thing, does another'--and Sorkin even repeated the doublespeak point later.

That's what we need--talk about the ACTIONS, not the stupid feelings Geithner gives us. (btw--This is not salient, but Geithner creeps me out!)

--A few things. That PIMCO DB was last heard on your clip, "I think everyone on the show agrees it would've been worse had they not done that, no?" and Kudlow said "I don't know about that" but it would've been much funnier (and more contemporary) if Kudlow had said, "I don't know abou-" and then you interrupted with, "YOU LIE!"

Or even just a Paul Krugman, "Um, NO!" would've been deliciously entertaining.

--Are you the first self-described ancap to ever appear on CNBC? Will this become a big media story when they learn that they hosted an anarchist?

--You did your best within the alotted time and Kudlow seemed to make an effort to let you make your points as best you could (Schiff never would've gotten a "do you want to respond to that, Peter?") but ultimately this demonstrates what a craptastic venue for promoting ideas television ultimately is. Your main point was that "YOU LIE!" Geithner, but you were only able to raise "one point, for example" which leaves your ridiculous co-guests the opportunity to raise a million other 'counter-factuals' (wtf, I keep seeing this word popping up suddenly, did it just get popular all of a sudden?) that supposedly disarm you, and you never have a chance to respond to all of them, as obliging as Kudlow might be.

Well done, overall, would hope to see you on TV more. I like that you AREN'T a polished, talking-points memo DB yourself, you come across as more earnest and authentic as a result. You don't sound like you're pushing something, unlike the PIMCO j-o... "I think we're all better off thanks to the unprecedented moves... I mean, I know I am, anyway, and I just figure what's good for me must be good for everyone else, too." Blech
Bob, you performed very well. With 5 people talking in a 7 minute segment, no one is going to present a comprehensive case for anything. You were funny, confident, and the only guy with enough dignity to not kiss Geithner's...well done.
My only complaint is that you could be a better Peter Schiff, but you would need to be more aggressive like him. You are too polite for that kind of setting. They are spewing nothing but propaganda so I think you should be a bit more vocal when the other guys say nothing but nonsense. Other than being too modest I think you represented for Austrians economists very well.
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