Monday, September 14, 2009


Gene Callahan on Methodology

Unfortunately the player froze up 7 minutes into his talk, but this looks like it will be a good one, especially for those of you who (a) think Gene is an idiot and/or (b) don't understand how someone could doubt materialism. Let me repeat my own history: Several years ago I used to be a materialist (i.e. one who thinks all of "actual reality" can be reduced to the movement of physical particles, and the rest is just filler) and Gene and I went at it pretty good in the forum of another website. Gene didn't convert me on the spot, but he showed me that my position was not as knock-down as I had thought. Then later, when my belief in materialism began to crumble for other reasons, I realized that Gene had been right in our debate.

Oh my God, did I say 'um' and smack my lips way too much!
Yeah. It's all good Gene; I had a bajillion "you knows" in my second-last Mises circle. I haven't seen the video yet but I think I cut down on it in the most recent one.

Holy cow though, did you lose a lung about 10 minutes in?
Cough drops!
Thanks for mentioning it Gene. I'm just starting to watch and now I'll notice every smack and 'um'! :)
So did anyone find out if Gene spent more time coughing/um-ing, or more time restating a variant of, "You can look at something as a mechanism, or as an intelligent agent"?
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