Friday, September 18, 2009


Floyd Norris Tries to Be Subtle?! Release the Internet Hounds!

Jeff Tucker found this:
A Great Honor

Anyone can write a bad article, but Robert Murphy of the Ludwig von Mises Institute argues that I really stand out:
Floyd Norris’s recent New York Times article on the greenback is hands down the worst economics article I have ever read. Not only is it jam-packed full of false history, but it uses the falsehoods to justify monstrous crimes, both in the past and present.
You can read the article here. The headline is:
Fiat Money: How Else You Gonna Kill 600,000 Americans?
If you agree with him, you might want to take advantage of this offer from the institute: An “End the Fed” mug is available for $10, down from $12.

As near as I can tell, they will even take fiat money.
Paultards,* unite! Norris' comment box must be filled with objections to fiat money and mass murder!

* And I use that term in the same way that black people can call each other the n-word.

As near as I can tell, the Secret Service will invade you and lock you up if you DON'T take fiat money and try to use something else (Liberty Dollar, anyone?). I do love that argument that we're being somehow dishonest by paying and accepting what we're legally forced to take.
My snarky comment is undergoing moderation:

If your marvelous newspaper would review Ron Paul's "End the Fed" instead of suppressing it, you would all learn that governments invariably find it necessary to rely upon monetary dilution to fund wars. Otherwise, taxpayers would revolt and the wars would end.

Why don't you try facts, logic and historical evidence to counter Professor Murphy instead of ad hominem attacks? Probably because you have none.

What's wrong? Have you all been bought off by the Fed like most of the economics profession?
Next he'll write an article praising "Little Debbie" for her contributions to dietary health.

I'd love to leave a comment, but what impact will mine have amongst the millions of others. It just don't make any rational sense. I don't deride others for their choice, but I choose not to comment.
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