Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Degrees of Separation

I read the following from David Falk's musings on being an agent (which I reviewed here) during one of my potty breaks today:
[The American Express commercial featuring Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski] came about due to a combination of people. One was a local consultant named Gary Stevenson, who had attended Duke and later worked for me in marketing at ProServ. The second person was Mark Dowley, who also worked for me at ProServ and went on to run the marketing department for a large Hollywood agency called Endeavor, which is run by my very good friend Ari Emanuel, the younger brother of Rahm, who is now a congressman from Illinois. (Falk p. 191)
Who knows the interesting trivia regarding Ari Emanuel, besides the fact that his brother is now Obama's chief of staff?

I do :)
C'mon kids.... Here's a hint: Think HBO show.
I wonder how many other people that sometimes roll in your entourage, like Wenzel, know this answer, Bob. Hopefully more than just one.
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