Thursday, September 10, 2009


Congressman Joe Wilson Heckles Obama

How do you guys and gals feel about this? I can't decide. On the one hand, I think it's great that someone shatters the mystique of a presidential address. On the other hand, how incredibly tacky.

Watch Biden and Pelosi during this short clip. Biden looks crushed; "I can't believe these Republicans." Pelosi is more pro-active, trying to find who said it and presumably preparing a list of 5 ways he can accidentally die.

One last thing: Of all the lies Obama told during this speech--I didn't watch it, so I'm going out on a limb--was the funding of health care for illegal immigrants really the most outrageous? Why do so many right-wingers object doubly so when their paychecks are raided in order to pay for Mexicans as opposed to Texans?

The Blackadder Says:

I thought it was incredibly tacky, and beyond that probably did more to help push ObamaCare towards passage than anything the Republicans could have done last night.
Bob, I didn't see the speech either. But the implication of your comment is that Obama suggested that illegal immigrants would be covered.

This piece—the first thing I read about the speech this morning—suggested otherwise:

Am I missing something?
Going out on a limb here, but it appears to me from experience that right wingers generally just can't stand Mexicans. Or Arabs and Muslims. And the latter fully explains why it's OK with them to perpertuate perpetual war in the Middle East.

Further, if the right wingers were to simply criticize what they perceive to be shortfalls in a foreign culture, the PC Nazis would be on them in seconds. However, advocating the cutting of medical care to Mexicans or bombing Muslims with drone missiles does not seem to bring out the fire in the multiculturalists that cultural criticism does.

I love the (safe) assumption that Obama lied during his speech. Ha!

As for the illegals remark, well, simple really, it's because 'der takin' err jaaaaeeeerbs!' (South Park reference for those who aren't fans of the show)
No, Gary. Bob's implication was that Obama claimed illegals would NOT be covered, but that it was a lie (like many of the things covered by the Obama speech).

Anyway, beyond what you (Bob) wrote in your first paragraph, I thought it was quite amusing.
I think it was tacky, and it probably will help the Democrats, but I also think we need more tacky. At some point we have to stop being polite and call these people out.

It's like the whole 'states rights' movement. Please. Let me know when something really happens, not some state legislature passing a resolution endorsing the 10th amendment. Big deal.

When a state actually steps in and stops the feds from arresting some schmuck on some stupid marijuana or gun posesion charge, then I'll be impressed. Until then, you're just giving the finger to your dad, after he's already closed the door.

Until we're willing to get in the faces of these people walking all over our liberty, then we're accepting it. Being polite isn't really helping.
As much as I hate partisan hackery, which is what I consider this, this was pretty cool.

How awesome would it be if this were carried out by regular citizens and became a regular occurrence at all future presidential speeches, regardless of party affiliation?

I know, I know, it's impossible. People would be imprisoned or killed before something that cool would happen. . . But I can dream can't I?
I find all the "outrage" over this rather silly. This sort of thing happens regularly in a lot of countries. But, since all political debate in the US must be staged, scripted and mediated we are shocked when spontaneous dissent occurs.

I agree with others, though, that Republican ham-handedness and ineptitude continue to do more to advance Democratic policies than anything the Democrats do themselves. I also agree that the issue of illegal immigrants receiving benefits (even if true) is hardly the most outrageous aspect of what the Dems are proposing. I didn't watch it but I read the president's speech and it's full of howlers. I'd have been shouting, "You lie!" less than a minute in when the president claimed "with confidence" to have pulled the country back from the brink of economic disaster.
I thought that was great because it seemed like raw emotion taking over and Wilson expressed what many of us serfs (middle class) feel these days - there's nothing but lies, lies and more lies coming from our 'leaders'. I especially loved the look of raw emotion on the O-man's face as well. A combination of anger, dissatisfaction, and possibly the thought of revenge seeping in...?
I'm siding with the "don't like it" camp. Mostly because I think the "sympathy backlash" is going to dominate the "I agree with you" effect.

That is, I see far more people saying "I agree with him, but it was uncalled for" (a negative response) than saying "It was uncalled for, but I agree with him." (a positive response)
This happens all the time in parliamentary setups e.g. Britain, Canada. In fact, the MPs (Members of Parliament) bang their desks in unison, as well. It's quite primitive actually.

You can't get more primitive than socialism. On that count, Obama is winning handily, and Wilson is just trying to catch up!
We have a Banana Republic president.

This is exactly the response we should expect.

The Emperor wears no clothes -- we should hope someone yells out "he's naked" at least once in a while.

As I've been saying for more than a year -- Obama is the worst b*llsh*tt*r in the history of Presidential politics. He needs to be called on it in every forum.

His speech was packed with lies. The people need to know it -- and need to be told at every opportunity.
Gary. You are missing something.

Illegals will not be excluded -- which means they will get coverage.

The procedure for sorting out legal vs illegal has been kept out of the legislation -- with Obama's support.

And the supporters of the bill WANT the illegals to get coverage ...
I hate to break it to you guys, but the government *currently* covers illegal immigrants. When the Leecho Bandito comes to an ER for care, who do you think ends up paying the bill?

I know this is a Hobson's choice, but I would rather have the government be like,

"Yes, we pay for the health care of illegal immigrants. *grabs my money to pay for their health care*"


"No, we don't pay for the health care of illegal immigrants" *grabs my money to pay for their health care*

The latter is what we have today. In terms of this particular aspect of (the worst representation of) Obama's plan, we move from the latter to the former.

There are lots of things to worry about in the bill, but that's at the bottom of the list.
I really dislike the argument against free health care for illegals. The argument should be against free health care for Americans...
Silas, you're not teaching me anything.

I live in SoCal.
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