Sunday, September 20, 2009


Caplan on Cowen

Bryan Caplan explains that a certain position is held by almost all GMU economists, and 75% of the analysts at Cato. Then he says:
It is not Tyler's take, as far as I can gather, because as usual Tyler rejects the standard libertarian view in favor of a complex, pluralistic story that satisfies no one but himself. It's not fair to think that libertarians share Tyler's view - or vice versa.

Note that this all started with that little fraud Yglesias defining Cowen as the exemplar of "mainstream libertarian".

As opposed to whom, the non-mainstream?

He couldn't mean us, could he?
For the lazy ones that won't bother to read the full text. This is about zoning laws. Of course, Bryan Caplan is not saying libertarians see eye to eye on everything -- and he is proof of that being an anarchist theorist.
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