Friday, September 18, 2009


"45, 45, 45, do I hear 40, 40, 40--the man in the Hazlitt t-shirt! Do I hear 35, 35, 35?"

Now that I've been slowly draining money from you through my clever Google Ads campaign, I decided it's time to give back to the community that made me rich and famous. I want to register with a "speaker's bureau" so that people besides Mises Institute donors can enjoy my after-dinner talks. But in order for the bureau to understand just how much of a diamond in the rough they have stumbled upon, I need to send them a DVD with some of my greatest hits.

Do any of you folks know how to do this? I would send you a bunch of YouTube clips and other online video, and ask you to splice and dice them, and maybe put a screen with text before each one to explain what it was.

In the comments (or in email if you prefer) please let me know what this would entail and how much you would charge. Note I'm not asking this "as a favor," tell me what I would have to pay to get, say, 5 DVDs of the finished product so that you and I would both feel good about the transaction.

How many speeches do you want to include? And do you want some kind of 'commercial' at the beginning?

Sounds like a job for cspanjunkie: or through

Best of luck!
SNK, I'm not sure. I guess it depends on the quotes I get. If someone says, "It's just the setup, I really don't care if it's 2 clips or 20," then I'll aim high. But if the whole chafe is having to put in different things, then I might not.

There are at least 4 different videos; three on YouTube and the oil markets talk I gave which is online but not a YouTube thingie.
It's been a few years since I've authored a dvd, but it's actually very simple to do. Preferably, you'd have better quality video than what's on youtube.

I'd be willing to do for maybe some bookstore credit.
My position embedded behind opposition lines affords me access to professional-level programs and whatnot. The only problem is that I am not a professional. However, if you don't like any other offers, let me know if you want me to take a crack at it.

You guys seem to be missing the all-crucial component of a quote: I need a number. Like, "I would charge you $x for my labor to create a 1-hour video, and then $y for each DVD I burn."
Bob, $800 to compile/title/edit/dress up your collection and $5 per DVD in a non-breakable case. Then $200 more to design/produce a color insert for the DVD cases. Hope this helps!

Redbud in Kansas (will email you)
If it's just straight up speeches, I would ask around at your church or with parents of teenagers in your neighborhood to find some computer whiz kid. It is easy to download YouTube videos to your computer, then you can burn them to a CD (there are even tutorials on YouTube for that). In exchange you can offer her/him fifty bucks and/or a letter of recommendation for college applications (unless he/she wants to apply to U of Chicago as an econ major--lol!). Letters of recommendation and a chance to put something like that on a high school resume are very valuable things. I'm sure she/he could also do the titling, add music, whatever, easily. This is digital media and you don't need a DaVinci doing it--the copied material and the fonts on their titles will look exactly the same regardless of who does it. You just need someone to do it in a timely and complete manner--you'd be surprised how mature and motivated many high school students can be, especially when they see it as a step towards achieving their future goals.
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