Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Principled Leftists Realizing That Bush+Eloquence=Obama

Bob Roddis sends this encouraging video. Remember back during the Bush years, kids, when those of you who think like me were so mad at being lumped in with the "conservative" nation-building, deficit-exploding, Big Brother Bush administration. Well by the same token, we should give credit where it's due. There are a lot of leftists (whose preferred programs would be awful, don't get me wrong) waking up to the truth about Barack Obama. The below video is very well done, because it weaves in campaign promises that Obama is now completely ignoring. Also, I love how the host calls him "such a charming liar."

And she's right, he is. It's a very pleasant contrast to the cocksure lying of the last guy.

I haven't found Mr. Obama to be especially eloquent. He uses teleprompters and is often reduced to a stumbling, stuttering mess when they become unavailable. If we must cope with interventionists as presidents, at least we should expect them to be rhetorcially gifted.

The equation is good however. I would have added "blackness" on Obama's side to stress the fact that he's no friend of black Americans either.

If Obama plus eloquence equals Bush, then eloquence equals Bush minus Obama and Obama equals Bush minus eloquence.



If Obama plus eloquence equals Bush...

But that's not the equation I started with.
I screwed up the end



One more:





I brainfarted on the first comment. I was in a rush.
And you did it again on the last comment ;)

-eloquence = Bush - Obama
You need to revise your basic maths, Michael...
Bush + eloquence = Obama


Eloquence = Obama - Bush

-(Eloquence) = -(Obama - Bush)

-Eloquence = -Obama + Bush

Math with words is a pain.
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